Ladies, who’s depressed!? Have you tried…taking a bath?


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Ladies, who’s depressed!? Have you tried…taking a bath?


I don't even know what's making me depressed at this point, but I'm still depressed as fuck! It's like I'm so, so, so, so tired, and I honestly don't even want to get out of bed most days.

However, this morning I did get out of bed. I even got changed, only to change back into pajamas before going to work, where I spent my day searching for depression memes to post online, because I know all of you are tired and depressed, too. The proof is in the engagements, so don't bother lying to me!

So, what are we gonna' do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We're gonna' start taking baths.

That's right, according to experts, all we had to do this whole time was slide into that grimy, hair and exfoliant encrusted tub of ours, and poof! Depression defeated!

They even suggest someone with severe depression could cut their symptoms to moderate depression by bathing, fixing the body clock which is disturbed in depressed people.

It's such a relief, to be honest. When I was younger I was always scared of becoming some fuck-up who disappointed my parents, but I didn't even think about the possibility of becoming a depressed fuck-up who disappointed my parents.

Not anymore! Guess who has a two bed one bath, binches?