Is Timmy Thick staging a comeback?


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Is Timmy Thick staging a comeback?

Open for a surprise ?

Have you heard the news about our Lordt and Savior, Timmy Thick? The thiccest cake in the nation has teased (uwu) a comeback on his Twitter and private Instagram that has his stans thinking he's about to make a triumphant return.

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He deleted all his posts back in March, claiming he was a Harvard University study, and has remained silent ever since. And yet…

Hard to figure out the clues. "81.13.10" is his bio – any guesses? Reverse the date and you get 13th January 2018, which was uhhhh the day Mark Wahlberg donated his $1.5 million reshoot money to Time's Up? The day they sent that accidental missile alert in Hawaii? Tf?

And the only other tweet on Timmy's account is this:

Which if you paste into Google Maps, shows the coordinates for Area 51. "Oh Timmy we going ✈️ alien!!!!???" asked a stan. The Thick camp has not followed up.

Next up is Timmy Thick's private Insta. It took a few days to get accepted, and surprisingly enough, he's posting cake pics again – there are three so far. Behold:

We stan! There's no explanation so far – does this mean Timmy Thick has become a franchise? A state of mind? A sort of medieval warrior honorific that is bestowed on the worthiest and thiccest asses of the realm? We've contacted Thick's team to ask what this MEANS.

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