Halsey is so desperate to win Gerald Eazy back, it’s actually depressing ?


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Halsey is so desperate to win Gerald Eazy back, it’s actually depressing ?

Look at what she did!

First G-Eazy was desperate to become Lana's bad boy™, and then Halsey was desperate to become Lana, and then G-Easy cheated on Halsey and she took him back anyway (only for him to dump her a second time), and now Halsey is desperate to win him back.

It's all so depressing and cyclical, I almost feel bad for her. Almost.

So this week, just one single week after Gerald was seen "flirting with several girls" at Karma International's Kandy Halloween party in LA, while other celebrities were out partying and moving onto greener pastures, Halsey hosted an "exclusive" costume party in which she recreated Poison Ivy’s entrance at the botanical party.

I dare you to watch more than five seconds of this absolutely tragic video without crawling out of your skin and/or deleting every last one of her songs from your computer.

If Halsey's entrance wasn't cringe-inducing enough, take a look at this costume. Not only did she dress up in a Batman villain costume just like G-Eazy, but she did it like this:

Yep. Her party was a competing Halloween party with her ex. I'm not even kidding.

The most embarrassing part? Gerald Earl Gillum didn't even seem to notice, because he was too busy eating ice cream like one day later with some random, seemingly very normal girl.

We've all made fools of ourselves, but the fact I was a Halsey fan for two months is now more embarrassing than my entire scene phase and all of my high school years put together.