Bella Hadid is telling her friends she’s ‘unofficially engaged,’ which means…she’s not engaged


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Bella Hadid is telling her friends she’s ‘unofficially engaged,’ which means…she’s not engaged

Honey, noooo

Bella Hadid has been known to stretch the truth. Like the time she opened up in an interview with Cosmopolitan about being "chubby," or the time she pretended to be into Drake just to make her ex, The Weeknd, jealous.

But one thing she's always been (almost too) transparent about is her and that same ex's on-off relationship. Remember that one time she did an entire interview where she did nothing but make it clear not only was she not ready to move on, but she’s was having a hard time just living a normal life after their split?

So in a way it comes as a bit of a surprise a month or so after getting back together — despite being previously dumped for Selena Gomez — Bella is already telling people the two of them are "unofficially engaged and ring shopping."

The report comes from Radar Online who have learned exclusively that the two " want to get married soon," according to close friends, and that at this point it's just a matter of working out logistics. But we all saw this happen with Ariana and Pete, and they actually were engaged.

I want Bella to be happy, and I want her to secure that ring if it's what she wants, but being "unofficially engaged" and "actually engaged" are to entirely different things — not to mention neither of them are binding.

The insider also told Radar Online The Weeknd has been "discreetly shopping for an engagement ring,” while Bella has been eyeing dresses made by her favorite designers.

It's really the same thing as trying on a new last name when you've been on one Tinder date, or planning a move before you've met their friends. It's just not realistic. Especially when they've already left you once or twice before.

Like Rihanna said, her time will come.