Ariana Grande just posted an IG wearing Mac Miller’s hoodie and cuddling his dog


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Ariana Grande just posted an IG wearing Mac Miller’s hoodie and cuddling his dog

His tribute concert was last night

by Nian Hu

Last night, dozens of musicians including Travis Scott and SZA paid homage to Mac Miller's life and accomplishments at a tribute concert in Los Angeles.

While it does not appear that Ariana Grande attended the concert, she did post a tribute photo on her Instagram Story as her personal way of honoring the late rapper, who was also her ex-boyfriend.

In the photo, Grande can be seen wearing a white hoodie that says "I'm not a rapper," while she cuddles with his dog, whom she appears to be taking care of in the wake of Miller's death.

Fans noticed that the hoodie appears to be the same one Miller once wore.

"Ari wearing Mac's hoodie!" Instagram fan account @arisguardianangel wrote, with a side-by-side photo of Grande and Miller wearing identical tops. "I don't know if it exactly is his but it is the same," she said.

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This is not the first time Grande has posted about her ex-boyfriend on social media since his death. On September 14, she posted an Instagram where she wrote: "I'm so sorry I couldn't fix or take your pain away."

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Grande, who received a barrage of unwarranted hate and harassment immediately following Miller's death, recently ended things with her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson.

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