Can people #resist the urge to post sexy Election Day thirst traps?


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Can people #resist the urge to post sexy Election Day thirst traps?

#Vote, but make it fashion

If Instagram has taught me anything, it’s that people will use absolutely any excuse they can get their sweaty little hands on to warp something that really should not be a thirst trap into a thirst trap. Like, for example, those people who insist on taking sexy pictures of themselves at Auschwitz? And if Auschwitz isn’t off limits, I could have guessed Election Day wouldn’t be either.

I knew my socials were going to be a mess. I knew Twitter was going to be a stream of 30-year-old journalism dudes replying to my tweets about why I should get out and #voteforwomen (as if I wouldn’t remember to), but some of these sexy voting booth selfies might actually…deter me from voting?

Ok fine, they’re cute.

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I’ve read that today is a race between democratic women and Trump. I’m choosing to believe there are plenty of intelligent caring men out there that stand beside us for women’s rights, the environment, human decency and so much more. The truth is, gerrymandering is worse that it’s ever been. In past elections the democrats would have had to beat the spread by 2 points to take the house. Today we will need 17+ points to win even one legislative branch. Combine that with the outright voter suppression of our most vulnerable communities and it’s pretty clear the cards are stacked against us in a big way. Still… I’m a democratic woman, I’m not afraid to show it and I’m choosing to have hope. I believe there is a name for that. #nastywoman #formydaughter #andmyson #ourplanet #humandecency #bluewave #votelikeyourrightsdependonit

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You know what? Whatever. If it gets us out there voting then that’s fine. Try to #resist, but I know firsthand how alluring the siren song of 250 likes can be.


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