Here’s what tonight’s Jupiter in Sagittarius means for your weekend dick appointments


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Here’s what tonight’s Jupiter in Sagittarius means for your weekend dick appointments

Big things are headed your way…well, maybe

Whenever there’s a shift in the planets, it always means you can expect some big changes. The planet entering effects every sign and, depending on which planet it is, it can either mean positive change or months of total shit. Lucky for us, Jupiter is our reigning queen: this planet brings good luck, a sense of adventure, and personal growth, which we could all use right now considering we’ve been living in Jupiter in Scorpio for the last year, which is the planet of overindulgence and poor decisions. So, what does Jupiter in Sagittarius mean for you? It means going out, getting what you want, and owning.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to keeping this energy until next December.


Well aren’t you lucky? Jupiter being in Sag means power moves only for you! You’re in control this weekend, so don’t be shy about sending that “u up?” text at 1:56am or approaching that hot stranger in the bar.


This weekend means sex, sex, and more sex for you. You’ll probably notice that you feel ready to pounce this weekend, so take advantage and prepare your thumbs for a marathon swipe-fest on Tinder to get the weekend started.


While you will be getting it on this weekend, you need to stop being selfish. Take this time to be a more giving person, instead of the one always receiving. It’s nice to please someone else for a change ?


Sadly, Sagittarius has nothing in common with your sign, so this weekend is looking drier than the Sahara for you. However, that’s not to say you can’t have a little ~solo fun~. Happy Vibrating!


Jupiter is a fire sign and so are you AND it covers the pleasure section of your chart which means this weekend is your time to indulge: in food, in drinking, and, of course, in sex.


Jupiter in Sag highlights the financial section of your chart, not the sexual one. So this might mean more opportunities for money (take that overtime, girl!), but not too many for sex. Sorry, but this weekend is gonna be a dry one for you.


My Libra friends, I have sad news for you. This weekend won’t be particularly sexy for you either. Your best bet is planting yourself on your couch with a bottle of wine and some trashy TV, because that’s as much action as you’ll get this weekend.


Sexy Scorpio, do you ever take a weekend off? You’re sensual and sexual 24/7, and this weekend is just going to enhance that. Go forth and conquer, my friend, but please leave some dudes for the rest of us.


Well Jupiter is in your sign, so this is huge for you. This weekend is going to be all about trying new and adventurous things, so why don’t you give the prison guard a try with that “casual” Bumble date of yours?


Jupiter is the planet of good luck, so prepare to get lucky this weekend ?. Wherever this weekend takes you, you’ll find something (or someone) to keep you occupied. Oh, and while you’re at it, give the captain a try (thank me later).


You’re a water sign and Jupiter is a fire sign. You might think that’s a bad thing, but opposites attract, so go after someone that’s outside of your typical “type” (don’t deny it, we all have a type) and own that shit.


Pisces is another water sign, but while opposites attract for Aquarius, you’ll just cancel each other out. So, maybe the person you’ll wind up with is an ex or old flame, but we all know there’s no better sex than I-miss-you-but-also-hate-your-guts sex.

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