Ariana just chopped off all her ‘hair,’ and if she’s anything like me, I hope she’s okay


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Ariana just chopped off all her ‘hair,’ and if she’s anything like me, I hope she’s okay

Is this a cry for help? Or just a new lewk?

The post-breakup chop is a very real, very serious phenomenon. It’s also something I, personally, am a huge proponent of. You know that cute Maggie Rogers song where she sings, “cut my hair so I could rock back and forth without thinking of you”? Well it’s her best song so you should listen to it if you don’t, but it’s true! Following a breakup there is nothing more refreshing than skimming off the dead weight — and ends.

For boys, this usually consists of a total meltdown where they buzz their hair and bleach what’s left. And for girls, it consists of a similar meltdown with a way cuter outcome.

Anyway, I know Ariana’s hair is not real — she’s pretty open about shopping for it, and nothing that long comes without breakage — but in all the years I’ve been following her, I’ve never seen her without six foot long extensions seared onto her ends. Until….now:

And while I have to say she looks amazing, and also older without that skull stretching tail she usually has attached to her head, I also worry she’s going through it.

The last time I cut my hair, and I mean I really buzzed it, was because my boyfriend of two years dumped me for some weird souther girl who lived across the hall. They’re still together, so I’m happy for them I guess ?. But at the time…I was definitely going through it.

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ANYWAY, back to Ariana. Earlier today, Ari tweeted that she’s good at overthinking with her heart:

And while some people think this is the name of her next single, I think it’s a cry for help.