ATTENTION: Halsey really wants you to know she has Ariana Grande’s phone number


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ATTENTION: Halsey really wants you to know she has Ariana Grande’s phone number

Why is she like this?

There is only one, singular explanation as to how Halsey got her eyeliner-smudged paws on Ariana Grande's phone number:

You know that thing people do, where they pretend to lose their phone and post their number with "text meeeee<3" on FB in hopes someone they've never spoken to before, but have been crushing on from afar, will message as if they've had it all along? You know the type of person. It's the same type of person who asks themselves questions on Formspring for attention, or waits around for someone to log onto AIM, only so they can ignore them but appear active. And that type of person is Halsey.

And yet, this weekend, the 24-year-old's most recent single, Without Me, went #1 on iTunes, which I only know because she took the time to post a very long, very self-aggrandizing tweet about it, before texting Ariana Grande for further validation.

The Without Me singer wrote, "Honestly just happy it's us rn. The ladies need us. Time for an uprising," and then she double texted saying, "Attention world: we are no longer taking ur shit," to which Ariana reacted with "!!" before replying with two words.

In recent weeks, Ari has been sharing text between herself and her manager/friends/family on her IG story, so it's no surprise she shared this one from Halsey, but the moment I saw it all I could think was "WHY?!!!"

A small part of me almost feels like Ariana posted this because she knows how embarrassing Halsey looks. Plus, it only serves to make her look better.

I could be reaching, but I really don't think I am.