Facebook just banned me for 30 days for saying ‘men are trash’


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Facebook just banned me for 30 days for saying ‘men are trash’

I will not be held captive for my beliefs

Friends, we live in dark times for journalists. Politicians all over the world are calling us 'enemies of the people', Donald Trump is taking away our press passes and accusing us of accosting interns, we are under attack.

And this weekend, the crisis was felt right here at babe dot net. On Friday night, I was informed that I can no longer post, comment or use messenger for 30 days because of 'hate speech'.

The hate speech in question? Posting a dumb meme on our sex page Lust nearly a year ago. Turns out Facebook is literally too stupid to work out what a joke is, and despite the fact that I am LITERALLY a man, decided to ban me for saying "men are trash."

Now if you've ever been banned by Facebook, you'll know that there is literally no way to complain. There's a "request review" button that I'm fairly certain does absolutely nothing and there's no way of talking to a human being that has any control over your account.

I'm just put in a Facebook prison with No Due Process, no trial and no way to appeal. Now as someone whose job requires them to post on Facebook about 100-200 times a day, this is really fucking annoying. If I didn't have such kind and understanding bosses here at babe, I might be in serious trouble.

Look obviously less hate speech on Facebook is objectively a good thing. They have spent a great deal of the last few years allowing fake news to poison Facebook moms across the world so ya know, great that they're doing something, but like why do they come for the ratchet Nicki Minaj memes that are obviously jokes before like, the actual poisonous content they still allow to get posted?

As a journalist, I'm willing to sacrifice my freedoms in the pursuit of Truth, that's what I signed up for when I took the Reporter's Sacred Oath, but I am not prepared to sacrifice my liberty for a meme that is CLEARLY A FUCKING JOKE.