It sure looks like Kim Kardashian just photoshopped her daughter to look thinner


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It sure looks like Kim Kardashian just photoshopped her daughter to look thinner

It’s not even subtle!!

At this point it's a given celebrities photoshop themselves, the same way it's a given nearly all the non-celebrities you follow photoshop themselves, too. It's equivalent to putting a filter on something at this point — just a magic filter that makes you skinnier, hotter and tanner.

We photoshop our faces, tits, legs, and any other part of our body far enough from the straight line of a door to avoid showing any of those tell-tale photoshop curves. So, does it come as a surprise to me that Kim Kardashian photoshopped an image she uploaded to Instagram? No. But it does come as a (slight) surprise she photoshopped her own daughter, North, to make her appear thinner.

Look at the difference!

celebface, an Instagram account known for calling out celebrities on their photoshopping fails spotted the difference in North's appearance, uploading first the paparazzi's shot, followed by Kim's altered version, and the comments are disapproving to say the least.

"YIKES," one user writes, while another notes that her son, Saint, is, of course, untouched.

According to Kim, the photo of her daughter was in fact photoshopped, but it wasn't her fault, because she "took the pic from a fan account" without realizing that her own daughter looked different. A convenient, and likely excuse.

People online are…not happy about it

"It's so sad how Kim K photoshopped a picture of her own daughter," one Twitter use wrote, while another described the Kardashian family as a "disease."

We've reached out to Kim's publicist for comment and will update this article as necessary.