Your weekly horoscopes are here, and Sagittarius season will be unique for all the signs


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and Sagittarius season will be unique for all the signs

Here’s what you need to know

Time to give thanks for all that the universe has brought us from this past Scorpio season and year — we are finally transitioning into Sagittarius season! On the 22nd the Sun moves into Sagittarius, on the 23rd there is a full moon in Gemini, and on the 24th Neptune ends its retrograde, which it’s been in since June 18th. A lot of transitions are happening, giving us a breather from the heavy retrograde energy in the air.


You’re already counting down the days until your next vacation and spending all of your energy and money in preparation. You can’t stop talking about it and you don’t even care how fuggin’ annoying you’re being about it. Your IG is practically all photos from your last trip, and you’re ready to get the hell out once and for all. But ease up and take a moment to consider all that is here! There are ways to take tiny vacations in your every day.

Goodbye by Porches


Now is honestly a good time to duck away from social obligations and hustle for little while. People are going to be busy during the holiday season anyhow, and motivating energy in the sky makes the grind seem more enticing. If you have a glum mindset about the hard work ahead, create a goal to make it more fun. Set up a reward for yourself or just think about how much happier your future-self will be if you put in the work now.

Freelance by Toro y Moi


The sun cozies up to Sagittarius and your house of committed partnerships on the 22nd, followed by a full moon in your sign on the 23rd — a major time for you to connect with your own emotions, as well as with a partner. Be inspired to speak from your heart and not your head, because you’ll find your conversations flow a lot more naturally. You’re just feeling passionate overall, wanting to create art and be extra sweet to everyone you meet. Don’t be afraid to let this lead you!

4EVER by Clairo


If you listened to the advice I gave you last week, then this week should be a breeze. The stars are still nudging you to stay on top of your good routines, Cancer, but this isn’t meant to annoy you. If it is annoying you, ask yourself this: What’s behind your reservation? The Universe is just trying to help you achieve that oh-so-desired work-life balance. Get into the thankful spirit, and add keeping a gratitude journal to your list of daily routines.

I Don’t Even Smoke Weed by Empress Of


Social invitations are taking over your calendar for the upcoming month and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed just looking at it. Remember that you can always say “no,” Leo. Or fake a good ‘ole family emergency or mental breakdown before you actually have one. You could honestly blow off all of your plans and run away by yourself if you wanted. Just letting you know your options!

Solstice by Yeek


The themes that have been on your mind the past few days are a pretty good indication of what you should keep your focus on — be confident in your decision to listen to yourself. Feel no shame, feel no guilt! Not even what I say here dictates how your life goes, you are the one who knows yourself best, and your subconscious is always trying to get your attention with different signs. Pay attention! Notice, listen, and follow. You’ll find that life happens a lot more easily when you do those simple things. <3

Seven by Men I Trust


Expect the next week to be a chatty one, Libra. The Sun in Sag and Full Moon in Gemini combo has conversations swirling all around you, and thankfully you have the stamina for it! Just try to stay out of trouble at your Thanksgiving get-together — it’s the perfect time to butt-heads over debatable topics, and it might be hard for you to hold your tongue. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs, but try to take a breath before you say something you can’t take back.

Divide by ODESZA // Kelsey Bulkin


Happy Birthday to those of you celebrating this week! Even if your birthday isn’t this week, you’re still feeling the happy feelings that come with having friends all about you. The Sun is packing up from your sign and moving over to Sagittarius on the 22nd, making the retrograde a little easier to manage for you, while Gemini’s Full Moon in your familiar house of intimacy amps up your connectivity and helps you make a big all-or-nothing decision on a relationship. You have some fun in store. Good luck!

Black Truck by Mereba


You’ve been tapping your nails on your desk waiting for the Sun to land in your sign, and it’s finally arriving! This week brings upgrades all-around for you — relationships, business, friendship, collaboration. Keep your eyes out for opportunities that come your way. They may not seem clear at first glance, but they have always been available to you. Some great days will be the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. Enjoy the hot streak with a celebration of you!

One More by Yaeji


Themes around forgiveness and closure are hot topics for you this week, Capricorn. Remember all the rest I’ve been trying to get you to focus on? Yeah, that was to prepare you for this emotionally trying time. The clarity you hopefully got in that time will be helpful in getting you to be forward with others about what you want and need. The Full Moon offers you in the right headspace to make a final decision and the confidence to communicate it. These are important learning moments in life — I know you’ll make it through.

Get You by Daniel Ceasar // Kali Uchis


You’re not too interested into getting into anything serious at the moment. Instead, you’re content just exploring your prospects — you’re an interesting and fun person to be around, and you’ve got lots of options. Enjoy your platonic connections and just getting to know people! Though the same bar, with the same music, and the same people might be getting old. Try expanding the radius of your stomping grounds so you can meet some new people.

Precious by HA // Hodgy // Alvin Risk


You may have felt like all communication to your motivation HQ were out of service as Neptune dozed off to sleep in Pisces, but now that it will be shifting gears and powering back up, you’ll be feeling the effects of success all around you! Pull out your old goal maps, vision boards, and to-do lists and check some tasks off! Or, create a new roadmap to follow and get after it. This is a time for renewal.

BAGDAD – Cap.7: Liturgia by ROSALÍA