If you REALLY want to express #gratitude, then you better throw up a sexy Thanksgiving thirst trap!


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If you REALLY want to express #gratitude, then you better throw up a sexy Thanksgiving thirst trap!

More like #thiccsgiving, am I right?

by Nian Hu

After eating our body weight in food yesterday, most of us are spending the day in bed recovering from turkey-induced comas. Now is the perfect opportunity to throw up a Thanksgiving-related photo and write a long caption about how #grateful and #blessed you are!

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A quick scroll through Instagram reveals dozens of grainy and oversaturated photos of families gathered lovingly around large home-cooked meals. Very heartwarming!

But wait. There are a couple of photos that seem a little out of place. Juxtaposed alongside blurry shots of cranberry sauce and wholesome family photos, there are dozens of what appear to be…oh NO!! Thirst traps!

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What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for? I’m thankful for these two eyes I have to see what I want, where I’m going, and who will be with me along the way. And to see all the good in a lot of bad. I’m thankful for a GOD who never gives up on me, gives me intuition on good and bad situations, and gives me the strength to keep pursuing my destiny. I’m thankful for my family and the time I get to spend with them. Some people aren’t blessed with a great family life and I don’t take that for granted! Lastly I’m grateful to wake up with breath in my lungs and a clean bill of health. Health has been the largest investment I’ve made for myself (mental and physical) and its paying off! I can’t tell you the last time I’ve gone to the hospital (knock on wood) and how much easier it is to deal with stressful situations when you are in control of your mental state. Blessed beyond measure! #Blessed #ThanksGiving #LiveAltered

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Honestly though, are you surprised? If people will pop out their tits at Auschwitz or the voting booth, then of course they’ll pose sexily in a tight outfit with a dead bird in their hands while baby cousins scamper around behind them and grandma snoozes in the corner. Anything for those sweet, sweet likes!

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I always felt sad for people who went to the restaurant on thanksgiving. Fast forward and here I am having thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant with my sister and my son and I was everything but sad. We were surrounded by so many loving families, so much Happiness, the room filled with laughter and no one stressing about clean up afterwards. I thought about the families who were there and all of our situations that gathered us here and not our home kitchen encompassed by a large family and group of friends. It wasn’t how I ever imagined a thanksgiving just us three at a restaurant but that’s life. It’s unexpected and the key to Happiness is to always see the beauty in EVERYTHING. #HAPPINESS speaking of Happiness it’s Black Friday shopping on ShopHappiness.com 🖤 #thanksgiving

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Lady in red💋#thanksgiving

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Getting a last look at my progress before it disappeared after the copious amount of food eaten yesterday😅 . Hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving yesterday getting to celebrate with who you can and cherish the time you have together. I know the holidays can be tense because of family drama and etc…but take a step back and realize you have so many things to actually be thankful for. . I know there are individuals who have families members who have passed, some have broken families, and others don’t have the opportunity to get to see their loved ones; so make the most of what you have in front of you. . Count the blessing you have and be thankful for what you actually have instead of focusing on the negativity because focusing on what to be grateful for is what is important and let’s you truly appreciate the life you have and the ones that love you! Happy #flexfriday everyone!

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Coming very different. #thanksgiving outfit 😘

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