BABE DOT NET INVESTIGATES: Was Kanye West really inspired by this showbiz bird?


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BABE DOT NET INVESTIGATES: Was Kanye West really inspired by this showbiz bird?

Show us the ol’ razzle dazzle, Ye!

by Nian Hu

There has been some truly perplexing content floating around the Internet lately, from videos of iguanas tumbling helplessly from kitchen tables to images of absolutely gargantuan cows. However, the greatest unsolved mystery of them all surrounds the ever-enigmatic Kanye West, who was last seen ranting about Elon Musk.

This afternoon, Page Six declared: "Kanye West's favorite Instagram pose was inspired by a bird meme."

We here at babe have decided to investigate this fascinating claim. Could it be true? Is it possible — even a little bit possible — that Kanye West's greatest role model is not (as he claims) himself, but rather a bird? If so, this would truly be an earth-shattering revelation.

After extensive research and reporting, we discovered the identity of Kanye's hidden mentor. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you the bird who both literally and figuratively took Kanye under his wing.

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Observe the similarities in their stance — the gracefully extended front leg, the bended rear leg, the slightly bent forward posture, and the look of sheer determination. It is clear that Kanye has flourished under this bird's tutelage.

Let us give thanks to this bird for guiding, educating, and inspiring the man that we know today as Ye. God bless.


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