A YouTuber just spilled every secret about the industry — including how much they really make


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A YouTuber just spilled every secret about the industry — including how much they really make

Damn, I really should’ve made a YouTube channel in middle school

by Nian Hu

We all have that one friend who's desperately trying to become a YouTube star. And honestly, more power to them! If yelling loudly and gesticulating wildly in front of a camera makes them happy, then that's great. But most of us can't help but wonder…can you actually make a living for yourself on YouTube? Call me old-fashioned, but I still can't wrap my mind around the idea that someone can make a decent salary from posting videos of themselves applying mascara or playing Fortnite!

Apparently, the answer is yes. Not only are YouTubers making a decent salary, they're probably earning MORE than the rest of us are! An anonymous full-time YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers told Reddit that he made $220,000 this year alone.

Holy crap. Why didn't I make a YouTube channel when I was in middle school?! I could've been a millionaire by now!

Unfortunately, it's not exactly that easy. The anonymous YouTuber said that he made videos for two whole years before he actually started to make money. So if you're ready to spend a whole year or two earning literally nothing at all, then this career path is PERFECT for you!

And even when you DO start making big bucks, it still takes a while to see impressive results. The YouTuber said he only made $33,000 in 2016. Not bad for a yearly salary, but also nothing to write home about. The next year, he made $70,000. Alright, now we're talking! And it was only the year after that when he finally raked in a jaw-dropping $220,000.

Don't think it's an easy job, either. Even though it looks ridiculously easy — play a video game, crack a stupid joke or two, upload online — it's actually not. "I'm rarely not working," the YouTuber said. "There is always something to do when you live 20 feet from your desk at all times. There is ALWAYS an email to reply to, there is ALWAYS a new game to research, there is ALWAYS a video to edit, there is ALWAYS a new editing technique to try, etc."

You know what? This actually sounds pretty fucking stressful. On top of that, he also said that there's literally zero job security because YouTube could pretty much disappear overnight. Well isn't that dandy? Looks like I'll be sticking to my 9-to-5 job after all!


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