Your weekly horoscope is all about how to avoid some pretty intense love drama


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Your weekly horoscope is all about how to avoid some pretty intense love drama

How to avoid getting dumped after you already bought his Christmas gift

Mercury’s retrograde ends on December 6th! How are we celebrating? What better way than with a New Moon in Sagittarius the very next day! If you’re wise, you’ll use this for a fresh start to stop getting caught up in the same dramatic situations playing on repeat and move on. Use this as a chance to “skip ahead” to the next chapter


You’d be best to start stocking up on all of the caffeine you can get your claws on, your motivation to be accomplishing BIG THINGS will be amping up to hyper speed and your body will need a boost to keep up the pace thanks to Jupiter’s luck paired with some starry connections in Sagittarius. Just be mindful of any strong impulses you have! Think on things and definitely create a plan before just running wild with an idea. g'luck girl <3

Home by Medasin


Is Naked and Afraid still on the air? You’re going to feel right at home with those contestants with how much early December cracks open your heart, making you feel exposed and vulnerable. How does one navigate such times? Well, just as the contestants on the show, you’re going to want to rely heavily on others for support. No shame in asking for a little love and comfort from those close to you. If you feel that your current friends aren’t fit for the task, are there any support groups you can join? Search and you shall receive.

Ask Me Anything by NEIL FRANCES


You’re typically the one who gets stuck looking too far in the future, day dreaming about all of your possibilities instead of taking steps to make any of those a reality. But how can you choose when there are so many options?! Girl, I’ve been telling you for weeks to make some moves. Think of it as a game, try as many things as possible and expect to fail. If you fail or get rejected, you grow from the experience. If you succeed, hell yeah! Remember: “The master has failed more times than a beginner has even tried."

Invite Me In by Wild Ones


As Mercury finishes it’s bout of retrograde on the 6th, the days leading up leave a lot of room for misunderstandings and arguments, possibly even bringing an old fling back into the picture, (ugh, WHY….????) so tread lightly, little crab and don’t be afraid to use your pinchers if a fuckboi tries to get too close! Once that is over and done with, the New Moon in Sagittarius gifts you inspiration galore for gaining more control and order in your life. Again, use what you have to get whatcha want!

Call It Off by Skinny-dip // Claire Brooks


A super happy and lustful December to you Leo! Jupiter is front and center in your house of love and it's a helluva time to be gettin’ it on and locking it down. Redo that dating profile and get to swiping! Now’s a great time to find a special someone to take you to la la land and help you act so giddy and cheesy that it makes everyone else gag. If you’re a weirdo who has kept old sweatshirts and framed pictures from an ex you’re definitely not getting back together with, burn it and make some room for your new sweetie to keep things hot.

Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max


Come hell or high water, passion is making its way into your life in the very near future. Are you prepared for it? Are you more nervous than excited because you know how you get when in lust with someone and you’re overthinking everything? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just let it happen naturally. But I’d be doing you an injustice to say you can probs start planning for Valentine’s Day, your first anniversary, and whatever cheesy holiday you can think of to celebrate, this one might just be sticking around for awhile.

The Girl I Haven’t Met Yet (Biskwiq Remix) by Kudasaibeats


It’s time to channel your inner Jennifer Garner and become 30 (~20-ish), flirty, and THRIVING, Libra. Emphasis on the thriving part. As Mercury is in retrograde in your financial house, money is a hot topic in your life and we’re gonna need to focus on budgeting and making wise $ decisions. What’s not so helpful for this is the Sun hanging in your house of communication, meaning you’ll be getting invites to go out more frequently…. This week: Practice saying "no thanks!” a bit more.

Needle and a Knife by Tennis


You’ll have to wait for the end of the week to have things finally begin to fall back into place, Scorpio. Sorry your birthday month didn’t run as smoothly as you hoped it would! December 6th is when the retrograde in your sign finally cuts it’s bullshit and the 7th will just be a sluggish day in general, but after that you’ll be able to climb out of that slump with your sights most likely set on money matters and self-worth. Just take it easy for now while the cosmos even out.

In Your Dreams by Sunshine Brothers Inc.


You may be feeling in a private mood as Venus reenters Scorpio at the start of the week, go ahead and turn your phone on airplane mode and throw it in your closet, communicating with others can wait! This would make a solid time to plan your birthday wishes and plans as you’ll start to feel more like yourself as the month goes on and the stars get their shit together! Use the New Moon in your sign to amplify Jupiter’s energy and bring amazing luck your way!

Falls – TOKiMONSTA Remix by ODESZA


What to do, what to do? Jupiter, the Sun, AND the New Moon are all in your house of closure and rest, wow. You’d be best to take some recovery time for yourself. Themes for you include practicing forgiveness & letting go— where are you unnecessarily holding on? What would happen if you just allowed yourself to take a step back and do your own thing for a little bit? Give it a try!

Motion Sickness by Phoebe Bridgers


Let’s play a little game this week, Aquarius. Every time you speak with someone, skip over the small talk and get right to the good stuff. Tell them of the big dreams you have. Tell them of how you want to start your own animal sanctuary or how you want to backpack around Europe and take photos of cute lil’ grandmas cooking for your food blog. Tell them of how you plan to move to LA and will start your own vintage clothing store that serves kombucha on tap and you can get a tarot reading there as well. Whatever it is, share it with others. You may just make a connection to bridge the gap between you and your goal.

Find by Shallou // Kasbo // Cody Lovaas


Remember the “more confident time” I told you to wait for in your horoscope last week? Yeah, that’s now! You’re in a busy time of year where the stars are all aligned and giving you a bright, energizing green light for any projects, relationships, etc. that you’ve been waiting to make a move on. Don’t fear that you’ll burn out, you’ve been storing up a reservoir of energy these past few months with your house of rest being illuminated, now’s the time to do it all! You’ll have time for a break in the future.

Tonic Water (Snocker Cot Remix) by Moglii // Novaa


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