People want to buy pink burgers and cups of icing from Jeffree Star, and I hope they all go broke


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People want to buy pink burgers and cups of icing from Jeffree Star, and I hope they all go broke

Stop giving him money!!

When he's not lounging around in his gaudy pink bedroom or calling black women the n-word, Jeffree Star is busy devising new ways of taking money from his diehard stans. From charging $54 for a hoodie to selling cracked piles of glitter masquerading as highlighter, it's not surprising his net worth is $50 million. You idiots will buy ANYTHING he puts out, including pink cheeseburgers and cups of icing, apparently.

During a recent livestream where he talked about projects he's working on, Jeffree Star revealed he has serious plans to start a fast food chain. This came right after the YouTube channel Snapped asked him about a tweet he made on November 28th where he imagined opening a restaurant in California.

"So many of you are going off about the Jeffree Star restaurant," Jeffree said during the livestream, as he dusted his eyelids with green eyeshadow. "It's for real."

"Jeffree Star icing, Jeffree Star burgers," he imagined out loud. He even mentioned they are going to have vegan options.

What else is going to be on the menu? "Just a cup of icing!" Jeffree said. "Like that's all you guys would get. Imagine? 'Hi, I want a medium icing cup.' Yes, god, that will be everything." It reminds me of when Burger King used to sell cups of Tubby Custard, but…worse?

  • Unsurprisingly, Jeffree stans are extremely excited about this opportunity. "I will buy the whole damn menu!!" exclaimed a YouTube user who is probably a 16-year-old working a part-time minimum-wage job.

    "I will FLY to California just to try the food!" said someone else who is surely knee-deep in student debt.

    Knowing Jeffree, the burgers will taste absolutely disgusting and the cups of icing will cost $15, but go off I guess. And y'all seriously wonder why he is a millionaire while the rest of you are too broke to afford a single one of his products? Wake up, sheeple!