So we all just missed Paris Hilton dressing up as a SEXY FURBY, huh?


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So we all just missed Paris Hilton dressing up as a SEXY FURBY, huh?

She did the impossible and made Furbies sexy

The early 2000s are making a comeback, y'all, and you know what that means! Get out your tube tops, velour tracksuits, and denim skirts — it's time for a blast from the past.

And if you're ready to feel REALLY old, then let me call your attention to the Furby. Yes, the one and only Furby! The terrifying hamster-owl fusion from your youth that slowly blinked its long-lashed eyes at you from across your bedroom, leaving you paralyzed with fear and traumatized for life.

Some people found these creatures endearing. Others rightfully considered them heinous abominations of nature. Fortunately, Furbies peaked in 2000s and then disappeared without a trace. Thank god!

You know what else peaked in the 2000s only to disappear without a trace? Paris Hilton.

It only seems fitting, then, that Paris Hilton dressed up as a sexy Furby this Halloween. And can I just say…sister SNAPPED.

I'm honestly surprised? This is…really cute? She somehow transformed the nightmare owl-mouse-thing that haunted my youth into this amazing iridescent outfit, and I am HERE for it! Only Paris could make Furbies into a sex icon.

Here's to hoping that Paris Hilton comes back to relevance in 2019. Not Furbies, though!! No offense, but those demon critters can stay in the early '00's where they belong.