How to curate your Insta feed so it’s the perfect mix of thotty and employable


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How to curate your Insta feed so it’s the perfect mix of thotty and employable

For your boss and your crush

The reason you love social media when it comes to others is probably the the exact reason you hate it when it comes to you. You enjoy the idea of being able to find anyone you’ve met on Hinge or Instagram in a heartbeat, but you’re also painstakingly aware that means everyone from your mom to your boss to your crush can find you, too. Gone are the days of Tumblr when you could post and delete and rebrand within the confines of your own secret URL, because now that everything is public, you’re constantly being tracked and judged. Here’s how to strike a perfect balance between thotty and employable when it comes to your grid:

Before you do anything you have to choose a theme

If you’re going to be posting all different types of photos, the key to making it seem purposeful and artistic is choosing an aesthetic so it seems like a choice instead of a mess. There are pre-made packages for these you can find on Pinterest (like how Ariana Grande’s photos all have a similar grey/purple hue), but you can also design your own on an app like VSCO. Just be sure not to stray from it unless a certain picture looks absolutely shit with that filter, and then at least try and make it blend with a different filter anyway.

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Figure out what it’s going to look like before you post

There are apps like UNUM that are literally made to help non-influencers make their feeds look prettier. There’s nothing more embarrassing than posting something just to delete it and post it again when you could have known what it was going to look like in the first place. The key to anything is preparation, even your socials.

Make sure your thotty pics look purposeful

Posting a TBT to a photo of you on a beach not only looks desperate, but it is sooo transparent. If you’re going to post something make sure you have a good caption, a good reason, and make sure you’re posting it at the same time you actually look like that. If you are going out or going to a party and you know you look good, don’t wait to post. Posting it now feels way more natural than posting it Monday morning when people are no longer out. There’s something weird about opening your feed before work and scrolling straight into someone’s titties.

Have at least two photos with friends in a grid of nine

The same rule that applies to dating apps applies to Instagram feeds: you need to have at least a few photos including friends, or you look like you’re obsessed with yourself (even if you are). If anyone meets you or matches with you and goes to look at your feed, you want to make sure they know you have friends. If you landed on theirs and it was all selfies wouldn’t you think it was a little weird? Same goes for employers because they’ll probably want to know people like and get along with you, so friends pics are really a win-win situation.

Have at least one family pic (if possible) in a grid of around 12

Family pics are so pure and they’ve also been known to boost your chances of matching with people on Tinder (like puppies), so chances are they won’t hurt on your grid either. Like friend pics, it’s one of those things everyone from your mom to your crush will like, and you can still make family pictures kind of hot — like if they’re with your sister or something.

Beg your friends to take nice pics of you instead of posting a selfie

The occasional selfie is fine I guess, but they’re really more for IG stories. There is something weird about posting one unless, similar to thot pics, you have a reason. Your makeup either needs to be done for an event, or you need to have a new haircut. If either of those are the case, go ahead and smash that MF post, but if you just want to post to post, ask someone else to get a pic of you — even if you need to ask your mom to take it.

Have a good people/non-people mix

By this I mean post about some things you like instead of just photos of yourself. If you have a lot of friends people will still get the point if you post a few photos of them. Your IG is your brand, and you want people landing on it to know what you are into — books, music, art. Think of this as an interview. You want to show the best version of yourself, but you also want to show you are deeper than surface level.

If you’re doing all of these, the only other thing you have to do is be confident. Even if your feed isn’t the most aesthetic, and even if you don’t have an IG boyfriend to help you take photos to show off, if you make everything you do seem purposeful, nobody will think twice. But they will double tap that like.

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