This girl suggested a hypothetical ‘day without men,’ and people on Twitter are spiraling


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This girl suggested a hypothetical ‘day without men,’ and people on Twitter are spiraling


This week, Twitter user @emrazz asked women what they would do if for one day there were no men in the world.

"Imagine that for 24 hours, there were no men in the world," she tweeted, adding an overly-nice disclaimer no men would be harmed in the creation of this hypothetical — they they will return and are safe and happy wherever they are during this hypothetical time period.

"What would or could you do that day?" she asked.

Replies included things like "I'd walk around in what made me comfortable," and "I’d go to bars and order drinks I don’t have to finish before visiting the bathroom."

Some of the replies were serious and some were on the funnier side:

I'd fucking live a little

Go walking alone in the middle of the night

Live a day without the word 'actually'

Go out clubbing without worrying about creepy guys

Not feel bad about a tight shirt and high waisted pants

But some people just could not handle the joke

The only thing funnier than some of the funny tweets, were the guys and girls who got way, way too pressed about this tweet, acting like these men were going to be caged and beaten during this one day period.

I would pray to God, that my man would come back soon

Pray for the men to come back

I would miss these people and their love

Be bored bc my husband helps with everything and is hilarious and sexy

I would spend the day missing men

I just…guys they are leaving for ONE DAY not the rest of your lives!

And it's not just the girls defending the men. For a full 24 hours since she published this tweet, men have been insulting, threatening and harassing her for starting this conversation in the first place.

All these threats directed at her illustrate what her tweet tried to show in the first place: Men are dangerous for no reason.

Oh, and a lot of girls apparently can't chill for 24 hours without their mans.