BREAKING: Bumble now lets you filter users by star sign


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BREAKING: Bumble now lets you filter users by star sign

Never date a Scorpio again!

My boyfriend thinks astrology is stupid and fake, but he's an overconfident Leo so of course he thinks that! Unfortunately for him and his fellow non-believers, the tide is turning in favor of girls and gays everywhere with Bumble's new update: you can now set your preferences to include or exclude the star signs of your choosing.

Obviously fuckboys can be found in every zodiac sign (we did a whole story about it, so study up before you swipe) but just between us girls, here are the ones I think you should avoid:

Scorpio: Have you ever wanted to hear the phrase "I'll crash this car and kill us both?" Maybe stay away from Scorpios if that's anything other than an emphatic yes. Cool and calculating, their manicured exterior turns to drama before you even realize they secretly saved their thumbprints in your phone.

Capricorn: Sometimes, level-headed pragmatism is great. A Capricorn partner can help you practice for job interviews, assist you with meal prep, and supports your love of pretty office supplies. But sometimes you just want to fantasize about winning the lottery without someone flatly telling you it's never going to happen. Like, ugh I KNOW!!!

Aries: Just trust me, I am one.

Props to Bumble for making this important update. Remember, friends: an informed swipe is the correct swipe.