How to tell if he’s a fuckboy


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How to tell if he’s a fuckboy

Does he send you mirror pics?

Let’s face it. They’re everywhere. Who? Well, fuckboys of course.

Whether we admit it or not, we’ve all been involved with a fuckboy. If you’re not sure whether he’s an actual sweetheart or complete douche, Here are clear signs you’ve got a fuckboy on your hands.

He’s obsessed with his “boys”

There is this weird, obsessive, unspoken bond between him and his friends that you’ll never understand. Your house could be burning down but he’s gotta chill with the boys.

They love joggers

So joggers are trendy, we get it. But don’t you think having a different pair for every day of the week seems a bit excessive?

He only texts you after 10pm

He has no interest in what you’re doing during the other 22 hours of the day, but after 10pm hits, he wants to hang out. FYI: you’re not slick.

They think they can pee anywhere

Attend a day drink and tell me how many times you see a dude standing in the corner just relieving himself. What are we animals? Sheesh, use a bathroom.

He sends you mirror pics

Snapchat is awesome and having a guy snap you back is a pretty big deal. But there’s something about those mirror pics that just make you cringe right? Knock it off boys, so sixth grade.

He avoids labels or any type of commitment

A label is probably the most terrifying thing to a college boy. A label means that he’s responsible for your feelings and no way does he want to deal with that.

They spill your drink all over you pushing through the bar’s crowd

They’ll bombard you like they’re playing fullback and then proceed to soak you in the $5 drink you just paid for. Without an offer to buy you a new one, or a simple apology, they’ll waltz on because they did nothing wrong. And then there is poor little us, standing there in shock. Ahh, chivalry.

Lazy in bed

They’re always more than down for a sleepover but expect YOU to do all the work (if you know what I mean).

Timbs, khakis and a white T

Diversity fellas! Timbs are cool – I don’t mind them at all. But for the love of god, please pick up your feet while thudding around campus. Thank you.

He messages you for homework

Oh, so you’re the kid that hasn’t shown up to the past seven lectures but still wants an A on the exam? Well, NO. I don’t have the homework.

Despite all their nonsense, we cannot lie to ourselves. Fuckboys are fun. They’ll make you laugh and smile and they may even make you feel special for a little while.
But hey, let’s not be too down on ourselves, girls. There is no avoiding them and we can learn a lot from these young gentlemen. After all, being a fuckboy is a true art form.