babe is for girls who don’t give a fuck

We publish our own voices, uncensored and unfiltered

babe started in May 2016 as an experiment – a community of young women in our early twenties, talking to each other and posting stuff that we didn’t see in the brand-safe media.

We now reach more than 3 million readers a month, and over a million girls follow us across Facebook and Instagram. And because we aren’t owned by a magazine empire which needs cover stars, we can say what we like.

We know our community like we know our friends. On babe we put out the kind of media we want to read – stories and videos and memes that are as spontaneous and savage as what goes down our group chats. And then on Fridays we get drunk together.

babe is into good news reporting, trash trends, personal stories, industry-leading analysis of fuckboys and the pettiest celebrity drama.

And we’re cool with admitting that we are full of contradictions, because all girls are. We care about safe sex and access to birth control, but know sometimes you just need to pop some Plan B. Find us in the gap between our image of ourselves and how we actually behave.

Join our gang here, read what people have said about us here, tell us where we’ve fucked up here, work with us here.

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