Horrendously misogynistic memes are still flooding the internet


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Horrendously misogynistic memes are still flooding the internet

Who on earth is sharing them?

Women have come a long way in trying to achieve gender equality in society. We’ve won the right to vote, we’ve excelled in our careers and we’ve closed the gender pay gap significantly. There’s still a long way to go. The pay gap in the UK remains at around 20 per cent in some sectors.

But it’s not just the gender pay gap that we have to worry about. It’s people’s attitudes that need to change the most. There are so many misogynists out there, it’s not even funny.

A meme was posted last week on Alphamale – a Facebook page with a 70,000 strong following and a description that says “Sorry ladies, only fellas will understand this page.” The poorly spelt gag, depicted an engagement ring with the words: “This is what hapens to women, who make sandwiches and suck dick without being told.”

Somehow it’s been liked over 8000 times and shared over 7000 times. It also has 6,000 comments. What does that say about our society? Is misogyny a form of humour for some people? Clearly it is, and it needs to stop.

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Remember that post on Yahoo answers about making your boyfriend a sandwich? That was six years ago and evidently there’s been little change with regards to sexist comments. “You’d better come back with a sandwich,” they all say, and tell her to ask her boyfriend’s cheese preference.

Sadly, no matter how much we fight for gender equality, there will always be misogynists out there who will make it hard for us. And until they shut up, our struggle is going to continue. At least some people spotted the archaic nature of the post and commented in protest. One comment said: “Women aren’t objects, this is awful. I think marriage is what happens when people are in love, or have I missed something? If you feel the need to tell your other half to do anything for you, in a way like that, you’re just using them and no girl apart from desperate skets, wants a relationship like that.”

But still, more derogatory memes seem to pop up every day, supported by even more stupid comments

Women are not objects and their purpose is not to serve men in society. We are not cooks or maids or babysitters. And until misogynists understand that and stop making jokes about it, we’ll never be able to achieve gender equality in society.

Unless you’re terminally ill or have no hands, you can make your own damn sandwich.

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