I asked men what they find most annoying about women


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I asked men what they find most annoying about women

Does the term ‘fuckboy’ need a female equivalent?

One day, when my friend and I were talking about a guy from our high school, my mom asked, “What is a fuckboy?” While the term isn’t uncommon, it can be a little difficult to explain what exactly a fuckboy is. Usually it’s because a guy is playing a girl, lying to her, cheating, or all three. Now I hear women call guys fuckboy just for being light skinned, or even just good looking, without actually knowing the man they’re judging.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used the term plenty of times myself, but I think it may be time to realize that it may be a bit overused. It seems to me that many girls throw the term around to make them feel better about themselves. However, ladies, we are no angels. It may be hard to admit, but as a woman there are certain things we do that annoy men as well.

Surprisingly, we are’t perfect.

“Girls can be so difficult sometimes,” Manassehn Nartey said. “If we ask you, ‘where do you want to eat?’ then just say something because men will eat anywhere really.

“I don’t like girls that expect men to buy everything. If you want to get treated like a queen then you need to treat your man like a king, too. We like surprises.”

Sometimes girls do things to annoy men on purpose. Look at compliments, for instance. There are plenty of times I’ve seen a girl refuse a compliment – no matter what it is. No matter the reason, whether it’s because we’re insecure or we think the compliment is just to be polite, it actually bothers guys more than we might think.

According to Manassehn: “If I compliment you DON’T TELL ME ‘ew no I’m not, I’m ugly’. Nothing annoys me more! Just accept the compliment, thank me, and keep it moving.”

Manassehn isn’t the only guy who is perplexed by women’s complexity. Earl Holland and John Burns agree that we make things much more complicated than they need to be.

Earl Holland

Earl hates when girls pretend that everything is fine when he knows for a fact that something is wrong: “When I ask ‘hey is something wrong?’ and they are like ‘no’ and then I ask again and they still say ‘no, nothing’s wrong’ and I end up believing them and going on with my day only to have them get mad at me because something definitely was wrong. It drives me insane; and then they say I should’ve known. If something is wrong and I ask about it please tell me, don’t say no, it’s very annoying. I’m not a mind reader”

What bothers John more than anything is a woman who can’t leave arguments in the past. “When women touch on subjects that have already been put behind us and that they know will bother me or make me not respond when they bring it up again – that can agitate me to no end. Women can be repetitive and sometimes they think too highly of themselves. Some girls will do or say things purposely in order to anger you, so 90 percent of the time I don’t respond to it and I might laugh. Some say this is disrespectful but I see it as a way of keeping me from or continuing an argument.”

Of course it’s not a surprise that we can be annoying to men when in a relationship. And of course, men annoy us as well. Yet even outside of relationships or close friendships, men might be watching for things we didn’t even know they paid attention to. Christopher Quarterman, for instance, cannot stand to see a girl walking in heels when she is quite obviously struggling with them.

Christopher rocking heels better many women can

“It pains both me and ankles everywhere to see women wearing heels knowing that they can’t walk in them, and yet they still have the audacity to wear them.”

Despite our numerous complaints about fuckboys and players, men aren’t the only ones who can cause drama. Women can get on men’s nerves too, so watch out or there just might be a newly coined ‘fuckgirl.’