A practical guide on how to dress for the Great British summer


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A practical guide on how to dress for the Great British summer

Experiencing all four seasons in one day can be a tad confusing for your wardrobe

It’s taken me several summers to accept that having a purely summery wardrobe when you live in Britain is just irresponsible. You’ll leave the house thinking that the sun will make an appearance all day but 10 minutes in, it’ll start raining on you. You will wear a tank top in case it gets hot, but no, the wind will persist to smuggle under your top. What am I even saying? Everyone experiences this every summer, and although we always have hope that that year will actually be the hottest summer ever, we need to start being realistic.

Winter is coming – in July

Crying in the rain

Rain is summer does not equal a parka jacket. I repeat, no parka jackets. It’s just way too hot for all that fur to be rubbing up your neck. Opting for a mac or rain coat is definitely the best move just because it’s not too warming and makes you look very artsy (my sister) or quite classy (me).

For the shoes, never forget what material they are. Converses are not comfortable when there’s puddles soaking up your socks and having wet feet because you went out in flats is just unfortunate. If boots are just too much effort for you, anything waterproof will do; and with a bright rain coat like my sisters, no one will even be looking at your average pair of adidas trainers.

Sticky summer

Do yourself a favour and wear loose outfits for this one. Having your top or dress stick to you is a disgusting feeling and will just ruin the good mood that the sun put you in in the first place. Another thing, no socks. Embrace the pumps, espadrilles and sandals; it’s the only time you’ll ever wear them.

I’m not one to love primary colours, I tend to go for neutrals or just plain old black outfits. But even I have to admit that something makes me want to wear colour in summer. Plus, if you do get a tan, imagine how stunning a bright colour would look on those sun kissed arms.

Pretty evenings

These outfit choices were specifically in response to ‘what would you wear to a date?’ but could really work for any occasion where you want to get dressed up on a warm summer evening.