We asked our mums what they think happens at after parties


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We asked our mums what they think happens at after parties

‘I’m very sure people have sex at them’

Picking us up the next day when we’re still too drunk to go near the steering wheel, we pray our parents remain blissfully unaware of the after party antics, despite dragging ourselves to the car still dressed in last night’s clothes.

“How was it?” they ask. You nod your head and mumble something incoherent about it being nice to see your mate Emma again, whilst in your head, revisiting the image of her throwing up on the sofa by 10pm. Oh how little you know, mother.

Or so we think. We decided to test our theory on their apparent ‘naivety’ and asked our mums about what they thought goes down at after parties, from timings and whose invited, to sex,  drugs and everything else in between.:

Lulu, 20, student and her mum Carola, from Farnham 

“Gosh Lulu I don’t even want to THINK about what goes on at after parties darling – I’d honestly rather not know!

“I assume they are from 2:00-3:00am until 5:00-6:00am and that there are drugs and alcohol freely available. About 10/20 people max.

“And I’m very sure people have sex at them as you can’t really do so in a club.”

Bella, 20, student and ‘the ultimate nanny’, Vic, from Newbury

“I think they start about 10.30-11pm and go on until 2am. I would have thought the amount of people varies between 50-150 depending on what event it is.

“I’m sure there are drugs there, particularly cocaine. At most after parties there will be a free bar so I would think there will be a lot of alcohol and a lot of drunk people.

“Some people will use parties to have sex and will go out with the intention of having sex that evening. I would imagine more people end up having unplanned sex due to the amount of drink and drugs consumed.”

Katy, 21, student and her mum, Sue, from London

“I would imagine this starting when the original party finished, say 2:00am? How long it goes on for would depend upon the venue. There would be a smaller group than the original party either at the original venue or at someone else’s house.

“It’s probably an opportunity to carry on drinking and in some cases take drugs in a less public venue.

“I would expect that if people pair up then they probably go off and have a mini after party on their own!”

Phoebe, 19, student and her mum, Amanda from Somerset

“They probably start at around 12am finish at 3am, with about 50 people.

“People probably drink more because they’re happy and euphorically high. They possibly use drugs an alcohol to have sex as they more likely to when drunk or high.”

Anna, 19, student and her mum Catherine from Petersfield

“I’ve no idea how many people are there! Must depend on the type of event you’ve been to, I expect it’s anything from 6 – 600 people depending on what you’ve done before the after party.

“I expect there are drugs. There usually are drugs of a wide variety of sorts everywhere you get groups of young people together. I hope my children know how to be sensible about this and look after themselves.

“I also hope people know how to look after themselves and have fun at the same time. Being assertive enough to avoid situations you’ll regret afterwards and thinking about the consequences of all your actions, if you can. I’d hate to think anyone was being exploited, used or taken advantage of by a predatory other person. I hope you all look after each other and help your mates have fun but stay safe.”

Charlotte, 19 and her mum, Maria from Wellington

“It seems they are often referred to as gatherings and can range from 20 kids to 50 – all sleeping communally if sleeping at all.

“I would be foolish to imagine drugs never come into it, but most kids these days have a better understanding of drugs. I worry that so called soft drugs can be seen as harmless by teenagers, when there is no such thing.

“Drink is usually the biggest problem and no doubt too many young people get wasted at these events. That’s always the worry, especially for girls, who can be used and abused by others when they are at their most vulnerable. Girls can be too trusting of male friends, not always aware that their personalities change too when drunk.

“Sex being more freely acceptable is probably the most worrying aspect of all – unwanted pregnancies will always be that – unwanted and sexual diseases are definitely on the rise again. In the 80’s Aids terrified my generation and made them more sensible, that’s not the case now.”

Charlie, 19, student and his mum Christine from Brighton

“After parties start at 1 and finish at 2 I think? I don’t know. Only stragglers go to after parties… Like 10?

“You don’t need to drink more, you’re pissed enough as it is, what’s the point? And of course there aren’t drugs! Especially not at my house… Unless its paracetamol.”

Phoebe, 21, student and her mum Susan, from Marlborough

“I guess timings depend on the party before. I also assume everyone who was there before would go to the after party.

“In terms of drugs, well Phoebe you’ve been at a few after parties so I’d hope to think you all just have a nice glass of water and get ready for bed. But I suppose it depends on who is there!”