How to dress for a festival, by Depop’s top influencers


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How to dress for a festival, by Depop’s top influencers

‘Fluffy coats make you sassy even when you don’t feel it’

When it comes to festivals, it’s hard to buy stuff on the high street and not all end up looking the same. So, we spoke to Depop’s top influencers Lucy Rance, Imogen Coates and Shope Delano to find out how to nail festival dressing this summer.

Lucy Rance (Lulutrixabelle), 24323 Depop followers, 5.56k Instagram followers

Which festivals are you going to this year?

This summer i’m doing: Lost Village, Field Day, Hideout, Wireless, Lovebox, Secret Garden Party, V Fest, Bestival & Outlook. When I list them all it seems bit extreme!

Which one are you looking forward to the most?

My number one UK festival is Secret Garden Party by far – this will be my third year going. They just put so so much thought into every single little detail – it’s super arty, everyone’s so chill, theres never any trouble like most festivals. Its just a load of cool people there to have a good time.

And there’s so many activities going on. I don’t even look at the lineup when I book my tickets, it’s more about the whole atmosphere and fun things happening all day long. There’s also “posh” toilets which I love at a festival, amazing food, a big lake you can swim or sail in, a fab theme every year and tonnes of stages catering to everyones musical taste.

You’re part of the girl blogging gang Confetti Crowd, will you guys be doing any festivals together?

Yes! They’re my fave people to boogie with, we always have a big lol at festivals. I’ll be bringing my boyfriend along as my plus one to many of them too, its not his usual scene but he is getting majorly sassed up (or just smothered in glitter).

What will you be wearing?

For me festival fashion is all about colour. I love experimenting with my style, especially at festivals. If it’s sunny i’ll probably be in a Dr Martens (always), vintage swimsuit and funky printed kimono. Oh and I’d love some Kaleidoeyes glasses to go with.

What festival trends do you think will be big this summer?

I think the rainbow trend is really catching on this season, so expect a rainbow of colour, crazy vintage prints, eccentric headpieces & bright fur coats.

I love your fluff obsession, but how does it survive in a festival setting?

A fluffy coat is a must have for a festival. No matter how hot it is in the day time, it gets freezing at night time. I always forget how cold its gonna be and I never pack enough warm clothing.

Bring a colourful fur coat to not only keep you warm, but continue to keep you looking sassy even when you don’t feel so sassy.

Where do you get your clothes from?

I shop strictly at car boot sales, charity shops and of course on Depop. I’m banned myself from spending more than £20 on one item because I just never wear most things more than a couple of times. I usually sell everything on my Depop once i’ve worn it too, because I love recycling clothes and updating my wardrobe regularly. I also love Depop because if you find a seller selling one cool item, it’s most likely they’ll have a whole shop full of cool clothes

Who are you listening to at the moment?

My bestie Tiger recently introduced me to Maribou State and i’m obsessed! Their songs are so my kind of chill vibe, perfect for listening on the drive to a festival, or chilling outside your tent prinking.

Are their any music artist’s style that you’re inspired by at the moment?

I don’t really look to celebs for my fashion inspo, I’m mainly inspired by fashion pictures I see on Pinterest & festival street style.

What couldn’t you survive a festival without?

Bring a bag of snacks so you don’t end up spending tonnes on food. I rarely spend more than £20 over a weekend on food. Also baby wipes are your answer to many problems.

Is there anything you’ve seen that’s a must for festivals, clothing wise?

I’m loving all the crazy beaded Notting Hill Carnival style bikinis that are around right now. They’re so perfect for a sunny day partying. Also @littleegg1991 ‘s handmade swimsuits are bloody fabulous.

Imogen Coates, 202047 Depop followers, 24k Instagram followers

Happy new year and all that ?

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Which festival are your going to this year?

Lovebox, I can’t wait.

What will you be wearing?

Unsure yet, it will probably involve some glitter and big hoops!

How would you describe this season’s festival look?

I think everyone should have fun with their festival look, I always like a bit of colour and I’m expecting to see lots of braids.

Where do you shop?

I get a lot of ideas from Instagram, then just mix it with what I like. Depop is also the place to be when comes to finding one off little gems.

Who do you buy the most from on Depop?

@fionashort has some great stuff (oh and @babyimox!)

What song will you be listening to most this festival season?

Goldlink – Spectrum- Great summer vibes.

Are there any music artist’s style that you’re inspired by at the moment?

Always Rihanna, she can do no wrong.

What couldn’t you survive a festival without?

Hand sanitiser! And something waterproof.

Any festival clothes you’ve got your eye on at the moment?

These are certainly on my list.

Anyone you’ll be taking style inspo from at Lovebox?

MØ, she’s an artist from Denmark. My sister showed me her a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. She’s cool AF.

Shope Delano, 4099 Depop followers, 29.4k Instagram followers

@strawberriesandcreem ? eating as per

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Which festival are your going to this summer, and what will you be wearing?

Lovebox. I’m currently having an serious love-affair with denim, so probably some oversized dungarees, ray-ban round sunglasses, a sheer orange tee, tan leather mules, and stacks and stacks of gold jewellery.

What do you think we’ll see a lot of at festivals this summer?

I feel like this season’s look for festivals is undoubtedly going to involve a flute sleeve, perhaps more subtly on a v-neck lace-up top, or if channeling full-on boho vibes, then on a maxi dress or jumpsuit.

Chokers are having a major moment this season, as is the colour red.

Where do you get your clothes from?

My perfect outfit is always a mix of vintage or thrifted items and high-street. My go-to places are Depop (they have some amazing vintage pieces), East End Thrift Store, ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

Are there any music artist’s style that you’re inspired by at the moment?

Rihanna. She’s always so daring with her looks, and somehow they always work. Also, I’m a big fan Julia Sarr Jamois, who always nails it in her loose silhouettes, and channels serious Solange vibes.

Any festival survival advice?

Layer up, and carry a backpack. I go from hot to cold at festivals all the time (especially in the UK), so layering is a must. And then you’ll need a backpack to stuff all you’re layers in when you’re overheating. It’ll also leave you with free arms and hands to dance the day away.

Any festival clothes you’ve got your eyes on at the moment?

Yes, I’m so obsessed with the Jeffrey Campbell Walton boot. It’s only a matter of time before I pick up a pair.