The best dating advice from dads to their daughters


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The best dating advice from dads to their daughters

‘I’d appreciate it if you quit bringing home losers and maybe do some of that contour makeup you and your mom talk about’

A few weeks ago I was having some boy problems of my own. My mom was in my bed cuddling with me, when my dad walked in. He saw the remnants of an entire tissue box on the floor, and I saw the fear swell in his eyes. He put his hand on my knee. “It’ll be okay…?” he said in a confused tone, unaware of what he should actually say.  Dads don’t always (or ever) know what to say in the heat of the moment, but they give some pretty decent advice.

*Warning: This article contains authentic dad jokes*

Nip all problems right in the bud

Look for smart boys


“Brains and personality always trump looks. Make sure you can look toward your future. In fact, go ahead and ask their ACT score first to make sure they won’t waste your time.”

Don’t date until you’re married

Be the strong woman you are


“In a dating relationship, strong women have the power. Take advantage. Your mom sure has for 32 years. Funny it only feels like 32 minutes…underwater.”

Dads make the best wingmen, but don’t bring home losers and offend their skills


School trumps boys, always


“Don’t have a boyfriend until you’re out of college and then maybe get married when you’re 30. Focus on school, school is more important.”

No kissing on the first date


Find common interests


“Date someone with a dog. You love dogs.”

Keep a safe distance, but if that doesn’t work, keep your assets locked down

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