What it’s like going to a music festival on your period


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What it’s like going to a music festival on your period

‘Is that sweat or blood running down my leg?’

Being at any music festival is hot, crowded, and intense. If you’ve never been to one before, you know it’s all about having fun despite the heat. The music is blaring and dancing is a must. These are some of the best parts of life and nothing should ruin it.

However, ladies can’t avoid our monthly lining of our uterus. It wreaks havoc on our already crazy lives. One thing that’ll never change is that it makes every moment much more worse because you’re bleeding.

A guy complains about the heat. . . “yeah, but are you bleeding profusely?”

You’ve been eagerly waiting for the day of your favorite festival to come, and as the day comes closer, so do your cramps. You think, “It won’t be for another day.” But no! Your uterus needs to line now!

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Great now you’re bleeding and you have to decide what to wear. You can be safe if you wear black shorts, but you want to look cute so you take a risk with your cute blue high-waisted shorts.

Time to pack and you have to bring five extra water bottles because three won’t be enough for your dehydrated self – bleeding isn’t just bleeding. You’ve also packed some cookies because you need some sweetness even though you’re bloated as ever.

You go out to the store to buy ULTRA tampons, and just incase those aren’t enough, you pack an extra outfit because you never know what could happen. You also leave and extra box of tampons in the car, just in case.

Once you’re at the venue, you immediately head towards the Port A Potty because you already have to change your tampon. You can’t risk leakage once you’ve left the crowd.


It’s time to enjoy some of your favorite musicians. The music pumps up as they walk through the stage, and the crowd goes insane. Once that beat drops, the music takes over you. You’re jumping, screaming, dancing, whatever your body allows you to do.

As soon as the set cuts, your best friend already knows she has to do the ‘shorts check’ for you.

Next thing you know, you find your favorite artist hanging around and you can’t help but scream and run over to talk to them. After your conversation and taking some pictures, you find yourself crying because you met your favorite artist and discovered a huge pimple on your cheek after.

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In between all your emotions, you have to find the nearest Port A Potty because you don’t know if it’s sweat or blood (maybe both) running down your leg. But you do know that you need to change that tampon before more chaos occurs down below.

You also realize you’re dehydrated again and you’re reaching for your third water bottle and cookie yet you don’t really need to go to the bathroom. Next thing you know, you’re in a Port A Potty, holding your breath, and when all is done, you leave and get angry because it’s not fair guys don’t have to deal with this.

I guess men have something to be worried about too?

All in all, though the battle is constant, it will end in a week. You can’t let your red river drown you. You will conquer, and you will enjoy all the world set in front of you – especially a music festival.

Don’t be set back, because no one has limits, no matter what. Dance until you can’t move, scream your lungs out, and most of all, crowd-surf because no one cares you’re on your period.


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