Supposedly millennials have less sex. I’m not convinced


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Supposedly millennials have less sex. I’m not convinced

What about the women who feel empowered to say yes?

According to scientists at Florida Atlantic University, younger millennials – especially women – born in the early 1990s showed higher rates of sexual inactivity than the generation before them.

In the latest attempt to dissect us, experts have conducted yet another study to understand the ‘boring,’ Netflix obsessed, swipe-to-find-your-soulmate generation that are millennials. This time we’re getting fingers pointed at us for being the least sexually active generation ever.

Apparently 15 percent of young adults aged 20-24 haven’t had any sexual partners since we turned 18, and if we are having sex, we’re just not that into it. Another study says 54 percent of millennials think eating is just as much fun as having sex – 35 percent actually prefer it.

So it seems we can forget about the eternal ‘Would you rather?’ question asking if we would ‘give up sex or food?’ because science says we’re going to choose food.

And that’s bullshit.

We’re the generation who embraced hookup culture, we’re the women who aren’t ashamed of sleeping around, we’re the ones taking initiative when it comes to sex and not holding back from voicing what we want.

It’s not the small majority of sexually inactive millennials who are worth countless headlines, but the women who are changing the way we talk about, and even have, sex.

While the focus is on the 42 percent of millennials who are busy preferring a sexless dinner, we’re walking home in last night’s outfit with our head held high. As generations completely out of touch are labeling us as ‘boring,’ we’re speaking out about not being ashamed to own a vibrator. And while we’re getting called out for not living up to hookup culture expectations, we’re calling up the guy saved in our phone as “Has Good Sex.”

Researchers suggest millennials’ lack of sex could be a reflection of “women feeling more empowered to say no.” But, what about the women who feel empowered to say yes? The percentage of young people who refuse to be called sluts for sleeping around?

Whether it’s a yes or a no, female empowerment is what our generation is excelling in. We should be encouraging the women who are still proving that taking control of their sexuality is no different than a man doing the same.

Sex isn’t always magical – we’re not going to see sparks fly when the guy we flirted with at the bar is struggling to find our clitoris. What will happen is that we will get what we sought out to and leave with a smile on our face and a new contact in our phone. Our story will be added to the list of topics to be discussed at brunch over a bloody mary with an added side of disapproval. We’ll get asked about our emotions or get told not to do it again because we’ll fall for the ‘wrong’ guy.

The reality is that we already know this. From our mother warning us in our teens that having sex is serious, to our best friend overanalyzing what happened last night more than we did. A lot of people spend too much time afraid of the emotional stigma attached to sex, or lack thereof. We’re aware sex comes with feelings – just not the ones that we’re going to let get to us.

We’re the women whose only thought isn’t if they are going to get a morning after text. We’re your friends with the crazy stories who engage in hookup culture which have put you off from wanting anything to do with it.

And we don’t give a fuck.