People tell us their worst responses to saying ‘I love you’


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People tell us their worst responses to saying ‘I love you’

*finger guns into the distance*

Three little words, eight letters, a potential whirlwind of embarrassment and pain. Usually, a disastrous venture to “I love you territory” is something you’re never supposed to talk about it again, but Reddit users have found catharsis in sharing their experiences with each other. From “sorry” to “new phone who dis” the responses were heartbreaking. The worst perhaps is from Pigboywonder720, who wrote: “I was dating this girl for about two weeks and she had been telling her friends that she loved me. She brought it up to me and and I told her I did not quite feel the same way. After leaving her house that day, she said I love you, and without thinking I said I love you too.

“After quickly realizing the mistake I made, I turned around and said “wait, no I don’t”. That one did not go over too well.”

These might not be as bad as Pig Boy’s, but they’re still pretty bad.


I was on the phone with one of my closest guy friends, who I had a bit of history with before. I genuinely had no feelings for him, but when he said “gotta go, lots of love” I somehow blurted out “I love you.” What makes it worse is I was going out with his best friend, and he probably thought I actually meant it. He hung up and we never spoke about it again.


I was seeing a girl but it wasn’t really going anywhere. One night I was begrudgingly walking her home during a thunderstorm, and didn’t really know what to say during the awkward goodbye. The best I could come up with was “I like you, Emma”, but there was a massive bit of thunder as I said it. Her eyes widened, she grabbed my hand and said: “I love you too.” By the time I realised what had happened it was too late.


After the mandatory post-break up sexual timeout I started dating a girl. She was a bit older than me, an irrelevant detail now, but because I was 18 I thought that made me cool and sophisticated. Anyway, as a handsome young chap with my libido at a lifetime-high I somehow managed to convert our first kiss into full blown coitus. The following morning I walked her to the bus stop to wave her off – my parting words? “I love you!” She looked over her shoulder in horror, speechless, and rode off into the distance.


I had liked one of my friends for ages, and we would occasionally get off, sometimes doing hand stuff. After a weekend I’d spent with her, I got it into my head that I really liked her, maybe even loved her. I called her up, determined to speak my truth, to let go of the burning love consuming my heart. After some awkward smalltalk, I decided to drop the bomb. She tried to tell me to stop, because she knew what was coming, but just like the screams of the people of Hiroshima, her protests went ignored. I told her I loved her. She fobbed me off with an excuse about smoking a joint and “being too high to hear this right now” and hung up. I found out 6 months later she was lying in bed with her ex.


I awkwardly fell in love with a friend who I’d been getting with on and off, and finally drunkenly told him I loved him – over text, great – after a night out. The blue ticks have never burned into my retinas so intensely for so long. Eventually he responded, literally this: “soz lol I’ve got a girlfriend”. Someone crushed my feelings in text speak. I’ll probably never be the same again. 


So basically it was New Years Eve and I was with my girlfriend, and we were both pretty drunk, and he kept on telling me that she loved me, and I’d obviously reply with ‘I love you too.’ After quite a few rounds of this I said, ‘I love you too, but if you keep saying it, it doesn’t mean anything,’ which obviously didn’t go down too well.

I’d actually still stand by that. It was also annoying as fuck. It’s second in embarrassment only to the time I accidentally called her my dog’s name when she was tickling me.


The first time I said I love you to my boyfriend, he respond: “I love you too, Kaitlyn.” My name is Emmy, his ex girlfriend was named Kaitlyn.


I was with a friend, who admittedly yeah, I had feelings for, at a house party that had somehow wound down to just the two of us. He told me: ‘I love you’ out of nowhere and instead of saying “I love you too” like a normal person I panicked so much that I immediately responded with: “Nah, I’m not that funny, and I’m honestly not even that fit”. Then, happy that I had convinced him he would snap out of it and saved our friendship I went to sleep. I thought I handled it well to be honest. We’re not friends anymore. 


I was in bed with my new boyfriend and we were about to sleep. We had only just made it official, so we had known eachother for about a month at this point. He was drifting off to sleep and hugged me really tight and mumbled ‘I love you’. I was like: Christ this is early. I was stuck in an awkward position; if I stalled because I wasn’t 100 per cent what he said, you can’t say ‘I love you’ back, five minutes later, it sort of loses its magic. But I didn’t want to lie either and say it, when I didn’t mean it. I did really like him, so I didn’t want him to be sad that I didn’t say back. I decided to pretend I was going to sleep and said ‘night night, I love you’, to which he sat upright in bed like ‘what did you just say?’. Apparently him saying ‘I love you’ was actually him just mumbling something about the duvet.


I was 10, she was nine. We had been together longer than any other couple in our year, and it was getting pretty intense. We’d gone through a break up and got back together again, so I thought we were rock solid. Add to that the fact that we had stopped speaking by messages sent to each other by our friends. In the school holidays I decided it was time I stepped up to the plate, so I called her house phone with the express intention of telling her I loved her. So I said to her ‘Listen, I need to tell you that I love you’. She panicked, told me to think about how this was way too much for her (‘I’m nine and you’re 10, just think for a second how wrong this is’), and then told me that she had only agreed to go out with me the second time round because she felt sorry for me.