Your horror stories about people getting a bit too keen


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Your horror stories about people getting a bit too keen

‘He asked his ex-girlfriend, who he cheated on me with, to send me a direct message’

When you’re not quite ready to let go, you’ll try anything to get hold of the one that got away. The social media world was recently witness to the tragedy of the 4p bank transfer of a boy to his ex girlfriend with the reference “text me please” after she had blocked him on all forms of social media:

This inspired us to go out into the streets of London and ask the public about the most desperate ways you’ve tried to contact a love interest, or if this has happened to you. There were some real corkers.

Kyra, 23

“We were speaking for a while, then I received a parcel. There was a DVD and a letter saying we can watch it together. It’s cute but I think it’s also pretty creepy.”

Zuzanna, 21

“I gave him my number and then he was being really creepy so I blocked him then instead of letting it go, he contacted me on Whatsapp. Then I blocked him on there, he contacted me on Instagram as well. He was really persistent.”

Kiki, 25

“He asked his ex-girlfriend, who he cheated on me with, to send me a direct message. I was like wow that’s next level desperation. I had blocked him on everything so he decided to go through her. He was like ‘you know what’ll get this bitch’s attention, oooh’ and I was like ‘you really don’t have a brain at all’.”

Shona, 24

“I moved from Aberdeen to Glasgow, that’s like a four hour journey. He moved with me and it didn’t work out so I moved in with my mum. A week later he just showed up at her house saying he thought I’d be angry so he didn’t want to call first.”

Josh, 22

“I had a female who invited me back for a one night stand. She then sent me explicit messages to try to entice me to come back for more. Oh shit, my bird’s gonna read this.”

Alex and Rosie, 19

Alex: “I’ve been on nights out to bump into someone purposefully when I’ve seen them on Facebook and they’re going to a club night. I act all suave and get dolled up.”

Rosie: “Oh yeah, I definitely do that. If you know they’re gonna be out, you see it on Facebook, and you’re like ‘girls, let’s go out’. I even go to get my hair done.”

Laura, 20

“He lied to my friend and said that my other friend needed my number so that he could get it. He called me constantly, then followed me on Twitter, added me on Facebook, then called me on Viber. I deleted the app and then he was like ‘why aren’t you answering I’ve called you on Viber I know you haven’t deleted it cos the calls are going through’. I was so creeped out, I blocked him on everything.”

Holly, 27

“It was somebody I’d been going out with for like six years and about a year after we broke up, he sent a four page handwritten letter to my office. It didn’t work.”

Tom, 23

“I used to work with this girl, she had blue hair and was quite obsessed with unicorns. I made things very clear, that I was only interested in a friendly sense. But she wouldn’t stop texting me. She would be like ‘what are you doing this week?’ and I would just be like ‘oh no I’m really busy this week, got lots of work’. It happened every week until she got the message and got very upset.”

Amoke, 17

“It was an ex, I had literally blocked him on everything. He added me on snapchat under some weird name I didn’t know, I only accepted to see who it was but it was his brother’s snapchat. It was really creepy.

Tess and Katie, 21

Tess: “My ex emailed me instead of texting me, it’s a bit serious.”

Katie: “I’ve just had people text over and over again with really long messages.”

Lydia, 23

“My ex was like if you don’t speak to me then I’m gonna put a naked picture of you online.”

Julia and Camille, 23

Julia: “It was on Tinder. He sent about four messages a day and I wasn’t responding. I had to tell him that’s not how you contact a person. I explained it very nicely.”

Camille: “My ex boyfriend was contacting my friends to organise a visit to my flat when I wasn’t aware of it. My friend told me and I had to contact him to say no.”

Davis, 30

“I’m a bartender. I was serving this girl and we were vibing, but she was too young for me. After we closed, she called the venue, got a hold of the manager to ask for my number. He texted me to OK it and I said yeah and she texted me shortly after. She was only 19, and this was in America so she was underage.”

Valentina, 23

“He just kept messaging me on Whatsapp cos I gave him my number. Usually when people ask for my number I just give it to them because I don’t know what else to say. He kept calling me as well so I blocked him. Then he found me on Facebook and kept calling me on that too.”