How to nail a girls’ night out in Oxford


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How to nail a girls’ night out in Oxford

Remember when there was ladies’ night at Ropongi

Oxford isn’t known as a girls night out destination. It isn’t filled with girls tottering around in stilettos, it doesn’t have many swanky bars, and it isn’t one for a “ladies night”. But that’s what makes it better.

If you want a night out with your girls without too much hassle, it’s actually pretty good.

there’s a way to do it, and here’s how:

Pre drink at someones house who lives near town

The majority of people who go out in Oxford don’t actually live in walking or cheap taxi distance. Likelihood is you’ll be getting the rattly old bus from Witney, the train from Bicester or the really expensive stagecoach from Abingdon. So your best option is to predrink at a friend who lives as close to town as possible – Iffley road or Summertown is ideal. Start predrinks early, eight at the latest, so you have time to get ready and have a few drinks before you get the bus in.

Oxford drink prices are nearly as expensive as London, so drink enough to not have to spend too much once you’re out. A few bottles of wine between you is perfect, and don’t get too drunk as Oxford bouncers can be strict and won’t let you in. Everywhere closes pretty early too, so if you want to go to more than one place make sure you’re out by 10.30.

Don’t go to dressy and bring a coat

While you won’t necessarily look out of place in a minidress and heels, you’re better off wearing something you’d be comfortable in. Nowhere’s particularly fancy so there’s no strict dress code, and no one’s that bothered about high-end fashion here either. Your best option is a nice top and jeans combo, with shoes that you don’t mind getting stuff spilt on too. Trainers are perfectly acceptable, and bring a nice clutch with enough space for your wallet, keys and phone. Get cash out on your way in – you’ll need at least £50 for the night with taxis too. Also, you’ll be walking between places a bit so bring a jacket.

Go for cocktails in Jericho or Cowley Road

Realistically you can’t afford to get them all night, but for a girls night out it’s nice to treat yourself to a few. Good places to go are Cafe Tarifa on the Cowley Road, Duke of Cambridge on Little Clarendon Street or Raouls in Jericho. Another great place to go is Varsity Rooftop where you can get views of the whole of Oxford at night, also perfect for group shots.

House Bar (just off the high street) is also a great place to go, it’s never overcrowded and the cocktails are really good. You can spend hours on the little white sofas outside, and there’s outdoor heaters too.

If you want to be able to dance and talk, go to Bridge

The standard place for most Oxford nights out. Good place to go if you just want to dance to some R&B and cheesy music. The smoking area is incredible – people have been known to spend the whole of their night there.

But go to Plush lounge to avoid creeps and stay out later

One of the only places that stays open past 3pm, Oxford’s gay club is your best bet for a girls night out. It’s big enough to not keep bumping into people, everyone’s really friendly and it’s not far from Jericho either. You can either go there at the beginning of the night, or go strait there after Bridge closes.

Where to avoid

To avoid any creeps or guys grinding up to you from behind – steer clear of anywhere that has people on the street begging you to come in.

Get food from Gloucester Green and sit there for too long

The place where everyone seems to gather no-matter where they’ve been. Get some cheesy chips from Kebab Kid (or something from the falafel van if you’re feeling healthy) and sit on the bench while you wait for your taxi.

Get a taxi home back to one of your friends

You’ll be lucky to get a bus in Oxford after midnight, so you’ll have to get a taxi back. They’re insanely expensive, so go back to someone’s house together and split the cost.

Get brunch at Jacob’s inn the next morning and play with the puppy

Pull yourself out of bed the next morning and get some eggs and coffee at Jacob’s Inn in Wolvercote. Even if your night was shit, they have a french bulldog puppy called Flloyd who you can play with.