Members of a new Facebook group are taking creepy pics of girls on game day


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Members of a new Facebook group are taking creepy pics of girls on game day

The group is called ‘Your Father Would Not Approve’ and they’re body-shaming girls

Members of a new Facebook group called ‘Your Father Would Not Approve,” or YFWNA, are posting photos of girls on game day and shaming them for their outfits. The group has since been deleted, but screenshots of the body-shaming posts are still being shared.

Fans who attend the tailgates and games can post photos in the group of young women wearing outfits they deem inappropriate. This news is following the Huffington Post article “Young ladies of the SEC, cover up!” which body-shamed SEC women.

The bio of “Your Father Would Not Approve” read: “After attending a college football game with my adult daughter and two of her friends, we noticed an appalling trend. Young girls dressed (or not dressed) in the most inappropriate clothes. It’s a football game for pete’s sake.”

The group’s creator, Sherri House, suggests girls ask themselves if their fathers would like what they’re wearing when they choose their outfits.

“Skirts that show your rear end, tops cut literally down to your navel, stiletto heels, skin tight dresses that you have to hold down with your hands so you can walk……entirely inappropriate for a sporting event. Ask yourself, would my father approve of this outfit? If that answer is no, CHANGE!”

Mallory Terrell, a former group member, said these women probably had no idea their photos were being taken and posted online.

“The women feel like girls who attend SEC schools dress classlessly to the football games. They have gone as far as taking pictures of girls on game day and posted them in their group page. These girls probably have no idea they are in this group nor do they know these ladies were taking pictures of them. Basically, they just shame these girls because of their game day outfits.”

Another member named Stephanie left a post on the page defending the women were being shamed.

“The fathers of these girls probably wouldn’t approve of you taking creepy pictures of their daughters. The trends have changed quite a bit since y’all have attended the university, and as women we should be focusing on building up other women instead of slut-shaming them.”

Stephanie said she and a few other people reported the group as an invasion of privacy.

“Just to let y’all know a lot of current female students have reported your page and I hope Facebook makes the right choice and deletes this group.”

Sherri House removed me from the group and changed its privacy from public to private before deleting the whole group – but she did respond.

She said: “First it was a group of only six members and was meant to be marked private not public. Second, as we walked the quad where families with grandparents, children, parents and people of all ages were mingled, we were truly shocked at some of the outfits that we saw.

“My own daughter graduated only 3 years ago so we are not immune to the college world. But do much of what we saw was just not something that was appropriate attire for a sporting event. To wear out to a club, yes. But not to a family friendly event. Sometimes some modesty is a good thing.”