Meet the young girls proving that the future of feminism is going strong


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Meet the young girls proving that the future of feminism is going strong

‘I don’t want to marry someone if I don’t have a job first’

Daisy Edmonds blasts Tesco for shitty gendered clothing

At age eight, Daisy Edmonds can already recognize the bias behind boys’ and girls’ clothing. Upon visiting a supermarket to buy some new shirts she becomes so enraged with the way gender plays into fashion, that her mom ends up videotaping her.

She surveys the girls’ shirts that say things like, “Hey,” “Beautiful,” and “I feel fabulous.” While the boys’ shirts say things like, “Think outside the box,” and “Hero.”

“Everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous,” she says. “I think that’s wrong.”

How is it that this girls know at age eight what so may of us are still grappling with today? She continues by questioning the gendering of clothing to begin with. This eight-year-old wants to know why boys get to think outside of the box and go on their adventures – why they get to let nothing stop them – while she has to wear a shirt that says “Hey.”

Riley explains the issue with big business and gender

This little girl from Newburgh, NY explains in a one minute youtube video shot by her father, the way in which gender roles play into marketing – and precisely why it’s complete and utter bullshit.

I almost want to ask her about some of the other issues facing our society and see if she can break them down to bite-size pieces for all of the adults out here.

And Allie Graceman, a five-year-old who has her priorities more in line than most adults

While I sit here watching re-runs of the 2016 film How to be Single, in the hopes of justifying to myself my choice to not date, this girl is reminding men everywhere, that her work will always come first.

This is a lot shorter than that film and does a better job anyway. So thank you for reming me that my single, but employed, life is just about the greatest gift on God’s green Earth.

“And if he says, ‘I will not come back to you’ – fine, I will find a different man.”

Me too, me too. Never chase a bus or a man – there is always another one in five minutes. Unless that bus is taking you to work. Then you bet your ass you better be chasing it.