You can now buy diet Prosecco


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You can now buy diet Prosecco


Prosecco is one of the best inventions in the world, and now, in a shock twist it’s been made even better, because diet Prosecco has just been invented.

A new brand of fizz which has half the sugar of the regular stuff has just gone on sale in the UK from brand Thomson and Scott Skinny. Their ‘Skinny Prosecco’ is currently on sale for a reasonable enough price of £17.99 at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

But its creator Amanda Thomson hopes to see it on the shelves of most of the UK’s biggest supermarkets as early as next Spring. When it was launched back in April at Selfridges it sold out in just three days.

Skinny prosecco has just seven grams of sugar per litre – around half that of a regular bottle. In fact a glass contains just 67 calories. It’s also organic and vegan, so it’s practically good for you in every way.

Amanda, who first started her company with the launch of ‘skinny champagne’ in 2013, said: “Sugar is the devil, and we don’t want people to give up drinking their favourite drink, but we want to offer an alternative.

“If you can make a beautiful Prosecco without spoons and spoons of sugar, why not do that?”