An open letter to Piers Morgan, from all women


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An open letter to Piers Morgan, from all women

Without bashing Kim Kardashian, would you even have anything to write about?

Piers Morgan, national shame and grown-up fuckboy, is at it again. Earlier this week, he wrote a damning article regarding Kim Kardashian being robbed at gunpoint. In the article, he proceeds to slut-shame Kim K and doesn’t even bother covering it up.

Piers Morgan seems to have an air of misogyny surrounding him. I’m no fan of Kim K myself, but there is something inherently wrong in an old man telling a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. This isn’t the first time he has publicly slated Kim Kardashian; he previously threw a tantrum when she posted a topless selfie alongside Emily Ratajkowski and when she posted a nude selfie in her bathroom.

It seems that men like Piers Morgan have a problem with women owning their sexuality, which is precisely what Kim K does. She is a sensual, sexual woman and makes no attempt to hide it. Why should she? She is beautiful, she has a great body and she’s flaunting it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Male journalists seem to be fine with celebrities’ private nudes leaking – it gives them a story after all – but as soon as a woman owns her sexuality and is in full control of her sexuality, a problem arises.

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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Kim Kardashian faced something we all fear. She was held at gunpoint, probably thinking she was going to be raped, robbed and killed, that she would never see her children again. Piers Morgan’s unwanted opinion of her is everything that is wrong in the world. Instead of the sympathy and solidarity she deserved, he decided to throw shade and insult her in his column. For someone who claims to have known Kim K for years, he’s the ultimate backstabbing frenemy.

In his article, he goes on to mansplain feminism. Kim Kardashian once spoke out saying that her nude selfies were about empowerment and feminism. Piers Morgan seems to think that he knows more about Kim K’s definition of feminism than the woman herself. Guess what Piers? Millions of women think that taking full ownership of their sexuality and posting nude and semi-nude selfies on Instagram when they have struggled for years with the way they look is indeed empowering.

Publicly showing your body off – a body which has been through so much – is a high. Honestly, if I had the guts, I would get my kit off and snap selfies all day long. I admire anyone who has the bravado to do just that and I’m sure millions of women are not interested in your mansplained definition of feminism, Piers.


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His reaction to Kim Kardashian being robbed is just baffling. Rather than sympathise with the victim of a horrific crime, he blames her. She isn’t without her faults of course, but blaming her for being held at gunpoint is despicable. No one deserves to be robbed, even if they flaunt all of their money and diamonds on social media. Despite what many think, Kim K has worked hard for her money and is a hugely successful businesswoman.

She is enterprising and pioneering and that is to be admired, not mocked for hits on your website. Ironically, Piers seems to be a fan of The Sun’s Page 3, so I don’t see why he takes issue and sticks a knife in Kim Kardashian on an almost daily basis. If you approve of Page 3, why can’t you approve of Kim K loving herself and her body enough to post selfies?

Piers Morgan has once again exposed himself for what he really is: another entitled man who thinks that everyone wants to hear his opinion when actually, we’re sick and tired of hearing about slut-shaming and the correct way to behave as a woman. He has no right to tell Kim Kardashian or any other woman what they should or shouldn’t do. Quite simply, he’s the ultimate fuckboy. If you can blame the victim of a crime, you’re morally reprehensible.

It’s just a shame that he still has a platform to spout his sheer and utter hatred for independent, successful women.