Selasi from GBBO is opening a bakery in west London


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Selasi from GBBO is opening a bakery in west London

As one door closes, another opens

Since he was cruelly wrenched from our lives last Wednesday – I hope you’re fucking happy, Jane – the world has been a little bit greyer.

But now rejoice! Because we haven’t seen the last of Selasi. In fact you might even get the chance to see him in real actual life as he’s set to open a cafe in London.

Selasi told Radio Times: “I do love banking but I’m hoping to open a bakery somewhere in west London in the foreseeable future.”

The plans are obviously vague at the moment, but it’s enough to keep us going as a nation in mourning. Imagine him there, kissing his teeth, perhaps relaxing, feet in the air, watching some fondant fancies bake behind the counter.

While we wait we can also pour over the banker’s literary efforts. He said: “My immediate adventure however, is a motorbike/baking tour across Europe which I’m currently planning. I hope to share all the recipes I learn in a book.”

Every cloud eh.