How-to makeup looks that’ll guarantee you win Halloween


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How-to makeup looks that’ll guarantee you win Halloween

It’s cheaper to make up your face than to make your costume

Halloween is only a few days away and if you’ve most likely either had your costume planned out since November 1, 2015 or you still have no clue what you’re going to be. But how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd of generic costumes/pull something together when you forgot to buy a costume? Use makeup to take it to the next level. And not just regular makeup, special effects and illusion makeup. It’ll make your costume 10 times better than everyone else’s this Halloween. Plus, it’s cheaper to make up your face than to make a costume.

We’ve put together a video collage of seven Halloween looks ranging from scary to cute and difficult to easy.

But here’s a little recap.



Want to scare everyone at the party? Turn yourself into a demon. Paint your face white, black out your eyes and paint a creepy smile. You’ll literally terrify everyone who sees you.

Instagram Baddie


This trend is a costume in my eyes. You can throw shade at all the Instagram ho—I mean “baddies” by turning yourself into one. You just need tons of makeup for flawless skin and 65 different highlighters. Cut out an Instagram banner to complete the look.

Evil Clown


Because there’s a clown apocalypse right? We had to include this look. Paint the classic clown markings above and under your eyes and finish it with an overdrawn and pointed smile. If you have the resources, top it off with some creepy contacts.

Basic AF Cat


For those who want to be basic but also want to kick it up a notch. Make your eyebrows extra bushy. If you can, cut crease the crap out of your eyes and add a wing so sharp it could kill. If you have trouble with the wing, just use some tape as guide. Last, finish with a cute little nose, an elongated mouth, whiskers and ears.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Embrace your crazy side. This is the easiest look of them all. Just put some red shadow (or lipstick) under your eyes and blend it out. Add lots of mascara and messy eyeliner and start crying. Or just drop water on your face. Make you lips look chapped with some foundation and mess up a big t-shirt. That’s it!

Ethereal Pixie


This isn’t a look many people do so you would be sure to stand out. It’s really fun to create because you can be as free as you want. Basically contour your face with bright blush and then sprinkle glitter or highlighter all over. To really make it pop, use white mascara.

Easy Skull


It’s a lot easier than it looks to create a skull. Just over accentuate all of the shadows on your face. Heard of extreme contouring? Well do the same thing times 1,000. Smoke out your eyes and then draw the mouth. Draw one horizontal line from cheek to cheek and then vertical lines to create the teeth. You can add shadow to the mouth if you’re feeling extra.

We hope this gave you some ideas and improves your Halloween. If you recreate the looks, tag @babeswhodgaf, @thetab_ and @littlerosiesturn!

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