We spoke to the girl who made a Burn Book entry for Donald Trump


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We spoke to the girl who made a Burn Book entry for Donald Trump

It was about time someone called him a ‘fugly slut’

Photos of a Burn Book entry personalized for Donald Trump are being shared worldwide by thousands of fans who spotted it in Seattle. The poster was made to look exactly like the iconic Burn Book from the film Mean Girls.

It says: “This man is the nastiest skank bitch I’ve ever met. DO NOT TRUST HIM. He is a fugly slut,” in red marker on a pink background above a photo of Trump.

A poster spotted and posted to social media

The posters have been spotted in various places and shared across social media, but it was Las Vegas native, Caroline Gallegos, who came up with the idea to recreate the Burn Book entry and post it around Seattle, where she currently lives.

Caroline was watching the second presidential debate – the one where Trump first said he “respects women” – when she got the idea to burn him.

“Donald Trump just pisses me off so bad and I’m not a hateful person. During the second presidential election I just wanted to flip my flatscreen out the window,” she said.

Caroline was a political and pre-law major at the University of North Dakota and moved to Seattle, Washington a year and a half ago.

Caroline in her Harley Quinn Halloween costume

Caroline didn’t want to use her hatred for Trump in an angry way, like some protesters do–she wanted it to be funny.

“I didn’t even watch Mean Girls recently. I thought if I wanted to do anything Donald Trump related I’m going to put a funny flair in it.

“When I tried to recreate the Burn Book page, I thought it actually looked good,” she said.

The original poster

So she printed out 500 copies and spent a couple hours on Halloween night putting them in different places across Seattle. From poles to porta-potties, Caroline and her friend tried to get as creative as they could.

Caroline also added hashtags to the posters so anyone sharing a photo could tag it.

She chose #EvilDictator after the popular Mean Girl’s quote “Regina George is an evil dictator,” and added “DownWithThisEvilCheety for fun.

Over the past two days fans of the posters have praised Caroline’s creation.

“I keep seeing the same responses. People will say ‘This is brilliant’ or that ‘I’m a genius’ and will always ask ‘Who made this?'”

The photos have been shared and retweeted thousands of time and have even gotten noticed by celebrities – Perez Hilton shared a photo of it yesterday.

Caroline loves seeing people’s responses to her poster and is happy it’s getting spread around.

“I’m just glad it’s out there. I hope Donald Trump sees it.”

She also said she wasn’t going to just stop here. Before Tuesday’s election, Caroline plans to make an entire Burn Book completely dedicated to roasting Donald Trump, and isn’t too worried what he or any of his supporters think of it.

“I hope he loses the election. If my posters offend him he can try and sue me or deport me.”

If Mean Girls taught us anything, it’s that nasty women know how to overthrow an evil dictator.

Photos courtesy of Caroline Gallegos.