Every girl knows how Hillary Clinton feels right now


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Every girl knows how Hillary Clinton feels right now

Are you even surprised?

Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 election. We were certain she had it, but now we’re in shock (and honestly scared) that she didn’t.

And we all can relate to how Hillary must feel right now.

Like, we’re shocked, but actually not that shocked.

Like we thought we had a chance to make a change, but we were probably just kidding ourselves.

Like we’ve spent our entire life fighting for something we believe it, just to have our dream crushed by an idiot male.

Like our recognized work has gone unrecognized.

Like we’re overqualified, but somehow still not qualified enough.

Like we’ve spoken up, but are still not heard.

Like nothing we do will compare to what a “man” can do, no matter how horrible.

Like we’ve come so far, but actually went back 100 years.

Like everything we’ve worked for will finally be worth it, but it wasn’t.

Like we thought we had a fucking chance, but we really didn’t.

Right now, we are all Hillary Clinton.


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