Charlotte Crosby talks about her Ectopic pregnancy and the problem with Tinder


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Charlotte Crosby talks about her Ectopic pregnancy and the problem with Tinder

‘You need to stay strong’

Earlier this year, Charlotte Crosby was one of the 12,000 women who suffered an Ectopic pregnancy. It’s a complication where the embryo attaches itself outside of the uterus, which can be painful and extremely dangerous.

She opened up in an emotional video published by Heat Magazine, going into detail about her ordeal. She hadn’t realised she was pregnant, and initially dismissed the cramps and bleeding as period pains. But soon the pain became unbearable and she was rushed to hospital, with doctors telling her she was lucky to be alive.

Charlotte in hospital earlier this year

Since then she’s been spreading awareness of the condition, using her role as an influencer to speak out and getting involved with charities. She’s an ambassador for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, and is fundraising by selling Christmas jumpers  for the charity.

We sat down with Charlotte to speak about her Ectopic pregnancy, her advice for other women and her new dating app she’s launching this year.

You’re quite heavily involved in doing charity work, which charities are you supporting at the moment?

I support The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and the Autism Outreach Unit, so they build units for people who have Autism or Aspergers Syndrome where they can go and play and interact.

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You spoke recently, and very movingly, about a really terrifying ordeal you experienced when you had an Ectopic pregnancy earlier this year. How did you find out about the Ectopic pregnancy charity, and what sort of things are you doing with them?

So I didn’t find out about them until after I had my Ectopic pregnancy. They actually got in touch with me and thanked me for bringing awareness to it, because not many people knew about them or, how you could actually die from it.

They told me that since my article was published, they’d had loads of phone calls from women who we’re having the same symptoms. So we met up for coffee and they asked if I would be an ambassador, and I said yes, of course!

This Christmas I’ve got Christmas jumpers coming out and for every Christmas jumper thats sold, I’ll donate £1 to The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

So what advice would you give to women that have either gone through that sort of ordeal, or are going through something similar?

Stay strong really. The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust have a helpline where you can speak to people 24/7, and get advice, or even if you just want someone to talk to. It’s good to speak to people that have been through the same sort of thing. And they’ve got great advice as well.

So you’re here in Leeds promoting your new dating app, Show Real, how do you think dating apps have changed young peoples’ love-lives? 

I don’t think young people ever really did date. They only used to talk on things like BBM or Facebook, and then go round each others houses. So I think dating apps brought in the dates, meeting out for a drink or going out for dinner and stuff, so it made it more date-y.

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Tell me about how the transition from Geordie Shore reality TV star to app developer came about? 

Well when I got told that the idea for the app was all about videos and not pictures – unlike Tinder, I thought this is really interesting and its a good idea. Because how many times have you looked at a picture of someone and then met them in real life and realised they look nothing like their photo?

On Show Real, when you do a video, it can’t be edited, or filtered, its just the real you, so its going to give people a chance to see the actual person, and maybe not be let down or disappointed. So I thought it was a good idea and wanted to jump on board.

So on the app, you get the chance to film yourself answering a few questions about yourself. What sort of questions are they? 

One questions is “what would you save if your house was burning down?”, or “glamping or camping?”

They say body language accounts for a lot in terms of attraction and romantic interactions…

Yeah and I think your voice says a lot about you as well. So Aaron from Geordie Shore got the squeakiest voice ever, like his balls still haven’t dropped and a lot of people gave him grief when he first came on the show, but he’s gorgeous. So imagine going on Tinder and looking at his pictures and then going on a date with him and just thinking, “Oh my god you sound like a child.”