Nearly a third of students say they’ve been spiked on a night out


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Nearly a third of students say they’ve been spiked on a night out

‘She enjoyed it’

Over a quarter of students say they’ve been spiked on a night out, according to new findings from babe’s consent and sexual attitude survey.

28 per cent – over 2,000 people – of those who answered the question said they’d experienced having their drink tampered with. It can often be terrifying. One girl said it happened on her 18th birthday night out. Another person wrote: “I was on my third, maybe fourth drink – not enough to get me passed tipsy, slowly my whole body felt incredibly heavy, like I couldn’t move any of my limbs or have the strength to hold a drink. I couldn’t remember where I was, where I lived or even my name.”

At Queens University Belfast and Hull the statistics were the worst, with nearly half of all students – 44 per cent – saying they’d been spiked. At the other end of the spectrum Oxford students were least likely to report being spiked – only nine per cent said it had happened to them.

One girl told us: “I had just entered the club, essentially sober, bought one drink and somebody put something in it. I remember nothing after walking away from the bar and down the first half of the stairs, within 10 minutes I was falling around everywhere. I have no idea where I was the whole night.

“I was brought home by friends when they realised what happened to me, and my mum and sister looked after me. I threw up for around four hours while apparently crying and apologising to my mum and sister. When I woke up in the morning I had thrown up again on my bed in my sleep and had hand-shaped bruises on my hips. I cried for about three hours.”

Perhaps most shockingly 49 people admitted anonymously to spiking someone’s drink. One person wrote: “She enjoyed it”.

Another confessed to spiking drinks of friends as a joke, with drugs like ecstasy, viagra or diazepam.

“Not date rape. Ecstasy and MDMA and we were all doing it to each other. It was quite obvious on most occasion, I remember doing it in a pub and everyone was throwing pints up everywhere.”

The full breakdown is as follows (in per cent).

QUB – 44

Hull – 44

Aberdeen – 38

King’s – 36

Manchester – 36

UWE – 35

Sheffield – 35

Southampton – 34

Cardiff – 34

Liverpool – 32

UEA – 30

Nottingham Trent – 30

Birmingham – 29

Newcastle – 29

Leicester – 28

Nottingham – 28

Glasgow – 28

Sussex – 28

Lancaster – 28

York – 27

Leeds – 26

Oxford Brookes – 26

Kent – 25

Exeter – 25

Aberystwyth – 24

Reading – 24

RHUL – 21

UCL – 19

Edinburgh – 18

Bristol – 18

Loughborough – 17

Durham – 15

Bath – 17

Warwick – 14

Cambridge – 13

Oxford – 9