The greatest gems to come from the greatest agony aunt of all time, Dear Deidre


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The greatest gems to come from the greatest agony aunt of all time, Dear Deidre

If you think you had a bad 2016, spare a thought for these poor Dear Deidre fans

There’s practically nothing good in The Sun. This is a universally acknowledged fact. The only good things in The Sun are the horoscopes where national treasure Mystic Meg gives millions of people the most cursory and vague advice about their lives, and the whistlestop tour through suburban depravity that is Dear Deidre.

Deidre, who doesn’t spell her name correctly (it’s Deirdre), has been The Sun’s resident agony aunt since November 1980, so for nearly 40 years she’s been handing out advice to the most extreme, tragic, heartbreaking losers British society has to offer. Her Wikipedia page helpfully explains: “Recurring themes include erection and orgasm problems, incest, having or imagining threesomes, problems with parents, loneliness, addiction to prostitutes, and sex in strange places. Many of the predicaments featured are fairly improbable, and it is the opinion of some that they are more than likely fabrications.”

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Dear Deidre is made up. They always include their age, they always say “the sex was brilliant!” and they always end up shagging their relatives. But there’s something quite comforting in imagining a room of old biddies like Deidre, hunched over their desks at The Sun’s headquarters, trying to come up with the worst of the worst, and Deidre, lovely cuddly bemused Deidre, doing her best to help them.

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues featured in these Dear Deidre’s, her e-leaflets should help.