Just a bunch of woke men who managed to make International Women’s Day all about them


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Just a bunch of woke men who managed to make International Women’s Day all about them

‘I just wanted to say….’

I know I’m supposed to like “be excited” about all the men who wore red to rep International Women’s Day yesterday, but there’s something so cringe about the kind of men who use a day about women to self-promote and compete over who can be the “wokest” dude.

It’s the kind of guy who let’s you get the door for yourself because he knows you’re a “strong women,” but wouldn’t it be nice if we all just held the door for each other?

I swear, these men took to Twitter and Instagram in hoards to make sure every woman out there knows they think we’re important as well. Because, after all, what are we without their validation?

They were that guy springing to the Women’s rally, shoving screaming young girls out of the way so that they had a chance to show off their “Your body your choice sign,” while surveying the crowd for single ladies who are independent, but not too independent.

The kind of guy who buys his girlfriend flowers on Women’s Day to make sure he’s getting laid. Imagine if on your friend’s birthday, you only uploaded selfies of yourself looking cute, cropping them out entirely. Yeah, that’s exactly what happened here:

I am unbelievably moved by yesterday's powerful events for IWD. I want to acknowledge the brave and inspiring women and men who have taken womens rights so far. You are golden! However yesterday was a powerful reminder of how much further we have to go. This is so important to me. Nick Cave once said "women are three dimensional" I couldn't agree more. This quote is something that has really explored my mind for so long. Women have the most unique and mysterious beauty within them. Something that I feel as a man I will never truely understand. They are powerful in so many unexplainable ways. So many of us, myself included, are truely inspired by incredible women every day. My heart is completely taken by my close friends and the true progression and beauty they bring to this world, however I have to constantly remind myself that the rest of the world isn't my small bubble of beautifully progressive and inspiring people. We have so much further to go. We all need to take a stand for what is right. #internationalwomensday #iwd #powertothepussy #girlsrule #mediumformat

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So there you have it. Just a glimpse into the minds of men who are, and who won’t let you forget that they are, here for women.

Creepily handing out roses in the street while whispering, “today is about you”, as they turn to the camera, grinning. Their posts will be long and tiring, and they will probably begin with “I just need to say”, because they always need to say. Even on International Women’s Day.