There’s now a lipstick for your vagina and I have some questions. The first one is ‘how dare you’


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There’s now a lipstick for your vagina and I have some questions. The first one is ‘how dare you’

The tagline for this product is literally ‘because your other lips get chapped too’

There have been some pretty unusual beauty products over the years- from dying your pubes, to using snail slime as a rejuvenating face mask- there is a product for almost every complaint imaginable.

Given that context, let me introduce you to the latest wacky beauty product that promises to make your life better and distract from the existential dread of life after uni. It is – lipstick for your vagina. Well, really it’s for your vulva, but you know what I mean.

VMAGIC, a Feminine Lips Stick, have created this product especially for vagina owners “to use on your labia and your entire vulva skin liberally and as needed throughout the day”.

The vagina, just a reminder, is technically self cleaning, and produces moisture on its own, this might be considered a bit of a moot point as marketable items go.

This really does seem like the kind of product that was originally developed to combat razor burn and the post shaving problems that come with hair removal, but went on some kind of acid trip on the way and came out genuinely believing that this was essential to every woman’s life.

Personally, I have never experienced the problems that VMAGIC claims their vulva lipstick will fix, and quite frankly, the tag line “because your other lips get chapped too” just seems like another cynical move by the beauty industry to sell women products they don’t need.

I can see how it could be very helpful for convenience if ingrown hairs and razor burn are making your life hell, but to spend $17.99 on a tiny tube of chapstick for your pussy? C’mon.

It’s not as crazy as it first appears, and if you want to try it out just for the hell of it, then go for it. It is 100 per cent safe, given the ingredients of beeswax, olive oil, avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil, honey and propolis are all things that you could probably put in actual lip balm. You could use it as part of your everyday maintenance routine, but it’s unlikely that this is the miracle your vulva has been waiting for.

Because let’s be real, no lipstick is going to magically get rid of your ingrown hairs.