All the embarrassing poses you did as a teenager in the 2000s


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All the embarrassing poses you did as a teenager in the 2000s

All found in a Facebook album called ‘me and my friends XD’

With the advent of Apple came the advent of Photobooth, which, to your standard 2000s teen, provided ample opportunity for a plethora of questionable poses. Here are a select few which you may have attempted in your time.

The duck face

Of course, the puckering of lips to give the illusion of – what exactly? The duck face was potentially the most unflattering thing possible to do to your face. Was it meant to exaggerate your cheekbones? Plump up your lips? Create a sultry vibe? Because it sure as hell did none of those things.

The uncomfortable raised eyebrow pout

Slightly different from your standard duck face, the pout – usually paired with some very raised eyebrows – was a classic pose, equal parts cute and sexy. Or so you thought. In hindsight you realise you just looked like a pair of pufferfish.

The chin strap (??)

No idea what to even call this one, let alone what it was meant to suggest. But everyone did it, and bonus points of you and your squad were all looking in the same direction when you snapped a pic with this bad boy pose.

The classic ‘literally any pose so long has my alcohol is in it’

Because WKD is the epitome of coolness.

The dramatic ‘look down’

A hangover from scene kid culture, this was an extraordinarily flattering angle, proffering 75 per cent forehead and 25 per cent face, most of which was obscured by your now massive (thanks to this wonderful angle) nose.

The classic tongue out

So reliable. When in doubt, pose and pout? No. When in doubt, stick your tongue out.

The ‘look away from the camera this is definitely a candid shot’

Most of us are probably still guilty of whipping out this one, but I’d like to think techniques have been refined over the years. Never again will we return to the levels of awkwardness and blatant staging found in photos such as these.

The peace sign

Again, a classic. Extra lad points if you flipped your hand the other way round and found yourself “swearing.”

The mirror shot

Probably taken in your local Primark or River Island on your Blackberry, trying on the latest tacky hat. Long gone are the innocent days when you’d get a thrill just from taking the train into town without your mum for the first time.

The ‘let’s jump off literally anything we can find and get an edgy shot in mid air’

Best reserved for summer days spent traipsing round fields with endless gates for you to jump off.

The thumbs up

Just in case anyone was in any doubt, you’re having a great time. Thumbs up!

The ‘sign of the horns’

Let everyone know you’re a punk god by whipping out this little number. (When I say ‘punk’, I mean ‘pop punk’, and Fall Out Boy was likely the heaviest thing you listened to).

The dramatic eye close up

Just why, tbh.

The lying down pose

What better way to look like a Jack Wills poster girl than to get on the floor with your bezzie, artfully spread out your mane of hair, and grin up at the camera? Bonus points if your hair was arranged into a heart or something, a la Kendall Jenner.

The hand pushing hair forward and lip bite

About as seductive as bog roll, but you tried.