This is the one industry where the gender pay gap is reversed


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This is the one industry where the gender pay gap is reversed

Apparently it does exist

The gender pay gap may still be nearly 14 per cent in the UK alone, but there’s one industry where the pay gap pendulum swings the other way, with women outperforming men by 35 per cent – social media.

A new study commissioned by Influencer found that, due to the heightened interest in fashion and fitness social media profiles, women are out earning men by as much as 35 per cent by using their social media feeds as a marketing channel.

A female influencer with only 20,000 followers is able to command up to £160 for a sponsored post from brands whereas her male counterpart commands approximately £120. And at the top end of the ‘micro-influencer’ scale, female influencers with 50,000-100,000 followers can earn up to £400 per post. Male influencers with the same following are earning £300 per post.

This means that if a female influencer with 100,000 followers creates sponsored posts for brands twice a week for a year, she could earn up to £41,600; and her male equivalent could earn just £31,200. This is a 51 per cent increase for women and a 13 per cent increase for men against the average salary of £27,500 for full-time employees.