I told guys on Tinder that I was only looking for a serious relationship


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I told guys on Tinder that I was only looking for a serious relationship

Must admit, this was a weird experience

Some people use tinder to find the love of their life or maybe just someone they can chill with, for me I mainly use it for asking my matches weird, prying questions. So far I used LDR lyrics as pickup lines and asked people if they were feminist or not, and it’s been pretty fun (and a great way to procrastinate on finals).

This time I wanted to take things a little bit further, so I told my matches – who let’s be honest were probably just looking for a hookup – that i was only interested in having a long term serious relationship. Results were understandably mixed.

Right off the bat the first conversation I had was kind of weird. He seemed surprised that I was looking for a relationship on an app that literally designed for that. From his point of view it’s OK to ‘have fun’ with strangers but get to know them and possibly start a relationship is not. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

fair play tbh

Honestly, when I first started this article, I never imagined I would get a response like this. Bless him though, I hope he will find what he is looking for.

Ah my favourite one, the “I don’t know what feminism is but I still don’t like it” guy. How hard is it to understand feminism is supporting equal rights? I honestly don’t know which one is worse: him not knowing what feminism is or him trying to save the convo by a bad joke. Either way, I’m out.

Naive as it might sound, I always expected Tinder was for finding a boyfriend or girlfriend but these responses surprised me. Everyone’s just looking for fun, I wouldn’t say that you have a high chance of finding someone to have a serious relationship with.

Either that or I scared them off.


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